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People at TIGJam Are Working On:

Duskers / Scavenger (prototype)

Scavenging derelict spaceships: Dungeon crawling meets ‘rolling’ tower defense. More here

--Tim Keenan / Misfits Attic (@misfitsattic)

The Universe is MINE! (more here)

Metal Slug like where people throw TVs at you, by Frederic Tarabout.

Co-op spelunking retro sidescroller, now with electric liquid laser surfing

Bill @funwithbill and Daniel @chiwis paper prototyped a fun spelunking/Metroid/alien ant battling game, and accidentally made an electric liquid firehose gun that creates a material you can surf on.

Aztez (

Working on new “board game” mechanics for the overworld game (Matthew).

Extrasolar ( (

Brendan Mauro, finishing up an updated version of an old player model

Drawing: The Video Game (prototype)

Artist accuracy training (puzzle?) game idea something … NOW WITH INSULTS! (Matej)

NOW PLAYABLE: Chrome (NaCL) or Unity Web Player (requires plugin, works in all browsers)

Decoherence (

Working on porting this to Unity and adding multiplayer. This is a technical proof of concept of an RTS game in which you don't have to make up your mind about what your units do until another player sees them.

Ahab (TIG Forums Post)

Trying to get something fun.

Dungeon Hearts Roguelike


Emo McGothington: Misunderstood Rebel  (Devlog)

Alec Stamos (@malec2b) and Jared Cohen


A storytelling platformer

(I need a better title since CCP stole mine for their stupid space game)

Catacomb Kids

Procedurally generated roguelike platformer and magical arena combat murder simulator

Random TigJam Stuff by Louis

I wrote this sweet track inspired by a game here called Duskers (trailer music maybe? :)):

And I made this utility to phase-align and scale single-cycle waveforms. Uhh.. yeah.. kinda nerdy. You can get it at .. here’s what it does:

See, the top waveform is the nice-ified version of the one on the bottom. They sound the same, but notice the one on the top starts and ends at 0 (so it won’t click when it starts), takes up the whole spectrum range, and has fewer samples. Simple utility, but useful for synth development.

Fishyfish (temp title) by Mike Lee(@drinkycode) and Dan Lin(@aeveis)

Inspired by Clu Clu Land on the NES, you play as fish that need to flip over stones. You move by pivoting around the light lilypads.



Using all of the keys on the keyboard, you play the boss from a bullet-hell style game. Destroy all of the modern technology or die in a brutal divide by zero!