SUNDAY – APRIL 7, 2019


7005 South “D” Street

Tacoma, WA 98408

(253) 474-0594

Check-in:   9:00 a.m.                Practice:   9:45 a.m.               Start:   10:00 a.m.

  1. The South Sound USBC (SSUSBC) Youth King of the Hill Coronation Tournament is certified and by invitation only.  Bowlers must have qualified in one of the monthly tournaments held from October 2018 through March 2019.

  1. SSUSBC King of the Hill Rules, SSUSBC Youth Tournament Rules and USBC rules and regulations will govern the Coronation Tournament. USBC Youth Dress Code will be enforced.  All bowlers must have a current SSUSBC Youth membership card and be in good standing.  SSUSBC Youth Tournament rules can be found at under Youth Tournaments.

  1. Entry fee will be $25.00 ($9.00 lineage, $2.00 expenses, $11.50 scholarship, $2.50 prize fund).  Scholarship will be through the SMART Program (Acct. #9009).  Scholarship and awards will be awarded on a 1:4 ratio in each boys and girls division.  Scholarship funds from monthly King of the Hill tournaments will be added and prorated per division in the tournament.  An additional $500 in scholarship funds are being included and distributed evenly from an anonymous donor.

  1. Division 1 – Boys & Girls will be SCRATCH.  Division 2 through 5 – Boys & Girls will be handicapped at 100% of 210.

  1. Monthly KOH Divisions were based on current 2018 – 19 averages, except Oct. which uses prior year book average and are as follows for Boys & Girls:
  1. Division 1                SCRATCH
  2. Division 2                150 & up Handicap
  3. Division 3                126 – 149 Handicap
  4. Division 4                101 – 125 Handicap
  5. Division 5                100 & below Handicap
  1. Bowler will compete in the division that they qualified in as a monthly winner.  If a bowler won more than once, they will be in the highest division that they qualified in as long as it does not violate Coronation rule 7 or 8.

  1. Bowlers can only progress one HANDICAP division over their current average.  See KOH Rule 10-A.

  1. HANDICAP Bowlers that qualify in October ONLY, are subject to a re-rate and division adjustment based on the difference between last year’s average and your current average for Coronation.  See KOH Rule 10-B.

  1. For Division 1 – Boys & Girls:  A total of three (3) games SCRATCH will determine who advances to the step-ladder finals.  Division 2 through 5 – Boys & Girls: a total of three (3) games plus handicap will determine who advances to the step-ladder finals.  If a division has (5) or more bowlers, the top five (5) will advance to the step-ladder finals.  If a division has less than five (5) bowlers, then all participants will advance.  Step-ladder finals will be with handicap for divisions 2 - 5.  Finals will be bowled as follows:  position #5 bowls position #4, winner bowls #3, winner bowls #2, and winner bowls #1 for championship match.  New incoming bowlers will get 2 practice balls per lane before their ladder match begins (e.g. Position #5 & #4 will both get 2 practice balls in first step ladder match, in next round, only Position #3 will receive 2 practice balls and so on).
  2. In the event of any ties there will be a 9th & 10th frame roll off until tie is broken.  Each bowler will get 2 practice balls on each lane before the roll off.  
  3. Bowlers’ average will be based on the last Saturday of league before April 1st.  Proof of average is required to bowl.  LEAGUE STANDING SHEETS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY APRIL 3, 2019.

KOH Coronation can be paid online without a convenience fee at:

Please send Invitation (all participants) and fee of $25.00 (if not paying online, Checks payable to South Sound USBC) to:


Attn: King of the Hill Coronation

4517 South “M” Street

Tacoma WA 98418

(253) 473-4822



Please sign up to volunteer at one of our tournaments.  

 “Live Tournament Standings” and Lane assignments for prepaid bowlers will be available at: under Coronation.

DEADLINE: APRIL 3, 2019 (Wednesday)

Thank you!

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