White Tiger

“Death is only a moment of suffering.”

Name: Yukishiro Enishi

Nicknames: Mr. Shades

Age: 24

Weapons and Attacks: Watou, Watoujutsu, Berserk Nerves

Love Interest: None

Closest Friends: None

Enemies: Himura Kenshin

First appearance: Revenge Arc

Biography: Enishi hated Kenshin for stealing his beloved older sister's happiness by killing her fiance. Enishi wanted to help Tomoe get revenge on Battousai for the theft of said happiness. He couldn't understand the shift in his sister's feelings toward the assassin. After Enishi saw his sister die, he fled Japan, vowing to return and exact revenge on Kenshin.

Enishi fled to China and lived on the streets of Shanghai. He almost died of disease, starvation and exposure. A wealthy Japanese family took pity on the emaciated child with the white hair and took him into their home. They nursed Enishi back to health and wanted to make him their son. How did Enishi repay them? He murdered them and stole their fortune to fund his Jinchuu (Revenge) against Kenshin.

Personality Profile: Can appear to be very suave and charming. However, is really driven by one desire: revenge on Kenshin for his sister’s death and is willing to crush all who stand in his way.

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