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Welcome to the seventh annual Rundle Mountain Road Festival. Canmore will play host to over 200 cyclists who will take to the streets, paths and scenic byways throughout the Bow Valley Community. This is an exceptional event with some very unique and exciting new courses. We look forward to welcoming you to our mountain community!

Race Contacts:
Shane Munro         Race Director        
Patrick Walsh                Assistant Race Director                 Nicole Nickel-Lane        Volunteer Coordinator 
James Kendal        Race Treasurer       


Criterium – Downtown Canmore, AB

Hill Climb – Silvertip hill
Road Race – Our Lady Of The Snow School, 3100A Stewart Creek Dr, Canmore, AB T1W 3M6 


Online link at Zone 4.  Registration closes 11:59pm, Wednesday June 6th, 2018.

Entry Fees:

$155         All categories (except U17)  

$65        Junior, U17, U15 Boys and Girls

Individual event signup:

$40        Hill Climb
$60        Criterium
$85        Road Race


The overall standings for the Rundle Mountain Road Festival will consist of a points-based omnium, rather than a time-based General Classification.  Each Stage will assign points for final placing, and has been rated for points by degree of difficulty and length. You must finish all stages to be considered for the overall prize purse. Riders will be ranked by points earned; any ties will be broken by overall elapsed time.  These are not ABA upgrade points.

Criterium        Points 1st through 8th place                15, 12, 9, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

Hill Climb         Points 1st through 8th place                 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Road Race         Points 1st through 8th place                25, 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4

Race License Check/Sign On Location/Race Number Pickup:

Riders must present a 2018 UCI or ABA license. Single Event Licenses (SEL) are available for the hill climb only and may be purchased online at time of registration.

It is strongly recommended riders attend license check and race number pickup Friday June 8th from 6 – 8pm at Rebound Cycle (902 8 St, Canmore). Alternatively license check closes 15 minutes prior to your start time.  

Sign On Is required at mass start road events, (the Criterium and Road Race stages). The sign-on table will be located near the start line, and will close 15 minutes prior to each category’s respective start. Riders are reminded that by signing-on they are confirming their participation in the race, which is very important information for commissaries and timing team! Roll-call will not be taken.

Race Numbers:

  • Hill Climb: two numbers, right ribcage, right lower back +frame plate
  • Criterium: two numbers, right ribcage, right lower back +frame plate
  • Road Race – two numbers, right ribcage, right lower back +frame plate

PLEASE BRING YOUR CURRENT ALLOCATED RACE NUMBERS!   If you do not bring race numbers allocated to you this year then you will be charged $10 for a new set of number.  If you have not been allocated race numbers this year you can collect them on site.  Race numbers and Frame plates can be picked up Friday evening (6-8:00 pm) at the checkin outside Rebound Cycle and will also be available at license check. Racers are asked to supply their own safety pins and plastic zip ties.


Results will be posted as soon as available for each event.  We will also attempt to post the results live online at zone 4.  Results for the Criterium will be available in front of the Canmore Miners Union Hall as they are ready.  Results will not be available at the Silvertip Staging Area but will be posted on zone 4.  Results for the Road Race will be available adjacent to sign-on/license check on Sunday.  Overall Omnium results will also be posted here and should be checked by each racer prior to podium presentations.

Awards/Podium Ceremonies:  

These will be held for each event on Sunday after the Men’s Cat 1/2 Road Race finish at the our Lady of the Snow School adjacent to the event sign-on location at approximately 2:30pm.

Prize Money:

Only riders competing in all events will be eligible for Omnium cash prizes.

An Omnium prize purse will be awarded to each category for the top 5 points placing and individual prize or merchandise will awarded for the top 5 finishers in each stage.

Omnium Purse:



Men 3

Men 4

Men 5

Women 1/2/3

Women 4/5

U17M U19


cat 1-2









$75 $75









$65 $65









$55 $55









$45 $45









$35 $35


Crit Primes







$25 $25


*Prize money may increase or decrease based on participant registration

ABA Points:

This event will be part of the ABA Road Series with points available according to the ABA points schedule B (20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2). Points will be awarded for Criterium, Hill Climb & Road Race. The Omnium will be awarded points according to ABA points schedule A (25, 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1.)

This event is eligible for upgrade points. Points will be awarded for the Criterium, Hill Climb, and Road Race according to points ABA points schedule B (20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2).


Receiving permission to host road events is becoming extremely challenging; only through preparing and submitting for approval. Further the ABA and race organizer are committed to providing a safe environment for all participants. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you adhere to the rules and regulations that will be outlined here.

This event will be run in accordance to ABA/CC/UCI Cycling regulations. Riders are responsible for knowing and understanding these regulations. They can be found online here.

General Reminders:

  • Riders must finish each stage in order to compete for overall omnium
  • Do not cross the finish line, in either direction, more than once at the end of the race.
  • Please respect law enforcement and locals. Do not antagonize.
  • Riders should, at all times, ride single file when not racing and follow the rules of the road.

Rider Conduct: 

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated, including but not limited to public urination, littering, use of profane language and verbal abuse of officials. Bottles and trash are to be discarded in feed zones only.

Medical Information/Hospital Location:

First Aide personnel will be available at each race leg as described below.  The nearest hospital is located off of Bow Valley Trail at 1100 Hospital Place, Canmore, AB T1W 1N2.  Map is here.  
Hospital Ph: 403 678 5536.


Bike Racing could not happen without the tireless support of volunteers and sponsors!

Event Details: Criterium 1.3 km course

Saturday 9th June 2018

The course is a snaking circuit incorporating the downtown business district and the adjacent residential areas east of Main Street.  The circuit has eight corners and is approximately 1300m in length.  

8:00am                Mens Cat 5                                14 laps
8:40am                Mens Cat 4                                14 laps
9:15am                       U/17/U15                                10 laps
9:40am                       Para hand cycling                        10 laps
10:10am        Women’s Cat 4/5                        14 laps
10:50 am        Mens Cat 3/Junior Category    (U19)       16 laps
11:30 am        Little Critters Race                        Bring your kids out to race!  U5,U7,U9,U11&U13
12:20 pm        Womens 1/2/3                                             16 laps
1:00 pm              Mens Cat ½                                20 Laps


h*Times Subject to change depending on Registration*

  • Primes for Cash and Prizes will be available.
  • Free lap rule in effect until last 5 laps. Free lap for recognized accidents only, namely punctures, equipment breakage, and crashes certified by a Commissaire.
  • A bell and 1 lap to go on the counter will signify the last lap.
  • Upon being passed by the Lead Motorcycle, riders will be considered lapped and must leave the course at the next passing of the finish line. Please report to the commissaire that you have retired from the race.
  • During the final three (3) laps of the race, riders will remain in the race and will finish on the same lap as the leader(s). Lapped riders will be given a pro-rated time. Riders having dropped behind the bunch and having been caught up by one or more riders about to gain a lap may not lead these riders, under penalty of disqualification.
  • Riders must complete at least half of the race in order to be placed in the results
  • Wheel pit will be located just prior to the finish line and is not neutral.   Riders should deliver wheels directly to pit prior to their race.

Parking: Parking downtown will be limited during this event. Parking can occur behind the miners union hall parking lot and around the event staging area.

Sign-On: In front of the Miners Union Hall on 7th Ave and closes 30 min prior to your start time.

First Aid: There will be First Aid personnel available at the finish location.  If there is an incident on course please let the nearest course marshal know so First Aid personnel can be informed and dispatched.

Washrooms: Public washrooms are located inside the civic center and across the road on 7th st.  There will also be access to porta potties next to the Canmore Miners Union Hall.

Downtown Canmore Criterium Course 2018

Event Details: Hill Climb 1.94 km *

Saturday 9th June 2018

Staging Area: Palliser trail opposite the perpetual affordable housing complex.

Start Zone: In front of the holiday inn at the base of silver tip trail. 

Finish Zone: Silvertip Road just past Stone creek road at crest of hill opposite mailboxes.

Strava profile: 

Start Time 5pm. There will be 4 riders at each start time.  Riders will be grouped according to ABA points and randomly their after.  Riders leave at 2 minute intervals.

Rider Start Times will be posted on Friday 23rd at 6pm and at sign on

Course Route: the course is ridden in the closed left hand lane of silvertip road and turns right before the golf course to head to Stone Creek Road. . Pre-riding of the course is recommended and will be available Saturday June 24th, 4-5pm during setup, no riding on the course after race has commenced.


Staging/Parking: Parking for the hill climb will be on Palliser Trail opposite Palliser Village on the ear of the highway onramp (see map)

Race License Check/Sign On Location/Race Number Pickup: Sign on will occur at the staging/parking area.

First Aide Location:

There will be First Aide personnel available at the staging area.

Elevation Profile with Percentage Gradients

Hill Climb Course Map 2018

Event Details: Road Race 16.5 km course 187 meters elevation gain *

Sunday 10th June 2018

The Race will commence at Our Lady of the Snow School (OLS) in 3 sisters near stewart creek golf course, parking will be in the parking lot. Race route starts at OLS, to Stewart Creek Roundabout, turnaround and heads out to the Canmore Nordic Centre and proceeds past there to the turn around point on highway 742 at the start of the gravel road.  Lap length is 16.5km.  The course is rolling terrain.

Parking: THERE IS NO PARKING AT OLS SCHOOL THIS YEAR.  EVENT VEHICLES ONLY!  Since the catholic school is undergoing construction church services are being held at OLS on Sunday mornings.  Please only drop off your equipment at OLS.  Parking is available on street if you pass straight through the roundabout on three sisters Parkway headed towards Stewart Creek close.

Access to the start finish via your bike via either the cycling path or the road.  

Please do not park between the roundabout and OLS school as that is the finish lane.  Be aware of vehicles arriving for church between 9.30am and 10am and vehicles leaving at around 11am.

Sign-on:  Sign-on will open at 7am and concludes 30min prior to your scheduled race time.  Sign on will be in front of the School at the RMCC tent.

Start/Finish: A Neutral Start will occur in the OLS parking lot and roll out onto highway 742 (three sisters parkway)  headed west.  On the final lap, racers will climb past the roundabout toward OLS school finishing before the first driveway to the school.


Start time


Men’s Cat 4


79.5 km (5 laps)

Men’s Cat 5

Women’s 1/2/3



63 km (4 laps)

96 km (6 laps)



46.5 km (3 laps)

Men’s Cat 1 / 2


112.5 km (7 laps)

Men’s Cat 3, Junior men


96 km (6 laps)

Women’s 3 / 4 / 5, Junior women


63 km (4 laps)

Lap Location: On the east end of the racecourse each lap will turn around at the roundabout (traffic circle) at the base of Stewart Creek Golf Course.  On the west end of the racecourse each lap goes past the Nordic Centre to just before the gravel where there will be a 180 degree turn around point which is approximately 1.5 km south of the Nordic Centre (see Lap Map)

Event Vehicles:

No team or unauthorized following vehicles in the time trial or Road Race stages.

Commissaire Vehicles: There will be a Commissaire vehicle with race radio following each category. This car will go with breaks that get more than 1 minute ahead.

Wheel Vehicle: There will be a vehicle carrying neutral wheels. Wheels in the wheel vehicles are neutral i.e. non-team-specific. The wheel vehicle will service you from behind on the right side of the road and you are responsible for changing your own wheel. Make sure you get a suitable wheel, with the correct cogset. You will not get any drafting to help you back to the group.

Broom Vehicle: There will be a sweep vehicle following the last rider on the course so you won’t be left alone if you need help. Depending on the position of the last rider, the sweep may take a few minutes to get up to you.

First Aid: There will be First Aid personnel available at the start/finish location and a first aid station set up at the OLS parking lot.  If there is an incident on-course please let the nearest course marshal know so First Aide personnel can be informed and dispatched.

Feed Zone: The feed zone will be located on the right adjacent to the water treatment plant on the ascent to the Canmore Nordic Centre. Feeding can be done on every lap.

Road Race Circuit lap Turnaround

Road Race Start/Finish Location 

Road Race Overall Course

Last updated: June 5, 2018