Homework Organization Sheet for August 14th-18th ------- Name:_________________________


Monday - 7th

Tuesday - 8th

Wednesday - 9th

Thursday - 10th

Friday - 11th



𞸑Read Chapter 15 of The Lightning Thief.

Use evidence flags to mark any allusions

to Greek myths you find.

𞸇Read Chapter 16 of The Lightning Thief.

With your evidence flags, mark three

allusions (references) to myths, stories,

or characters you find. Also record any

new or challenging vocabulary for a

discussion at the beginning of the next


𞸇Read Chapter 17 of The Lightning Thief. Consider the following question as you read, and use evidence flags as you find

evidence to answer the question:

* How does Percy show that he is a hero in Chapter 17 of The Lightning Thief?

𞸇Complete graphic organizers.


Chapter 18 of The Lightning Thief. Use evidence flags to mark key elements of mythology you notice.

𞸆Catch up on your reading from The Lightning Thief,

or re-read your favorite excerpts.

Remember you can read ahead, but do not go past chapter 18 this week.

Also, remember you can follow along with your book and search the audio for the book on Youtube like I showed in class.

Social Studies

𞸇 The Fertile Crescent


𞸇 Work on HW from Monday

𞸇 Work on HW from Monday

𞸈 Homework is due today by 7:30am

𞸈 Have a great trackout,

If you visit a museum, bring in proof and I will give you 5 PBIS tickets (max of 5 person).

Parent Initial for PBIS Tickets

Worth 1 ticket per 5 days.


(fill in yourself)