OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

20th December 2012, 19:00 GMT



Present: Dermot (SWG), Henk, Richard (CWG + LWG), Andy (OWG), Matt (EWG), Mikel (SWG),

Agenda and Minutes

MT discussion document

Matt asks the MT whether the document covers the aims of the MT in a decent way. What the purpose is, decision making powers are and what the relation to the board is.

Matt asks the members to think (over the holidays) about how the MT should / could work.

Intent is to have a first version ready by January 13th (discussed in MT and board and have their feedback processed).

Then to put it in front of the OSMF membership.

And to look for the person to fill the position of Chair.

Planning 2013

Not discussed



Next meeting

January 15th 2013, 8pm GMT

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 20:01 GMT