East Midlands Pétanque


  1. Name - The Association shall be called the East Midlands Pétanque Association
  2. Definitions
  1. EPA - The English Pétanque Association, the governing body for England
  2. MC - The Management Committee, the managing body of the EPA
  3. EMPA, East Midlands Pétanque or the Region - The East Midlands Pétanque Association
  4. Club - A Registered Club shall be a Pétanque Club as admitted by the EPA to the Region
  5. Member - A Registered Member shall be an individual holding a current and valid EPA licence and admitted by the EPA to the Region
  6. RMC - The Regional Management Committee, the managing body of the Region
  7. AGM - Annual General Meeting, as described in clause 11.1
  8. EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting, as described in clause 11.2
  1. Scope - The scope of the Region shall be the East Midlands counties of Leicestershire and Rutland and such immediate environs as may be deemed appropriate
  2. Aims - The aims of the Region are to promote the game of Pétanque by all means at its disposal including:
  1. Promoting and assisting the development of Members within the Region
  2. Promoting and assisting in the formation and development of Pétanque Clubs and facilities
  3. Setting a social framework within which each Member and Club will provide support for others, sharing resources, knowledge and experiences
  1. Registered Office - The registered office of the Region shall be at such address as the RMC shall, from time to time, decide
  2. Structure
  1. Club - A Registered Club shall be a Pétanque Club that has met the criteria as defined by the EPA
  2. Member
  1. A Registered Member of the EPA may be a member of a Registered Club or Independent
  2. Membership shall not be denied to any person on the grounds of gender, age, caste, disability, employment, ethnicity, language, nationality, political affiliation, race, religion or sexual orientation
  1. Regional Management Committee
  1. The Region shall be managed by a Management Committee of elected officers and appointed officers
  2. The Region shall have the following three elected officers: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
  3. The RMC will seek to ensure the election or appointment of at least six other officers whose titles and remits may be varied from time to time and may include; Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary, Playing Secretary, Regional Coach, Regional Umpire, Youth Development Officer, Promotions Officer and Webmaster
  4. The RMC will endeavour to ensure fair representation of Registered Clubs by Membership of the RMC and, or by other means
  5. The RMC shall appoint from its numbers, or by co-option, Conveners of Playing, Coaching and Umpiring
  6. Any other Member can be co-opted to the RMC as deemed fit by the RMC
  7. A quorum at a RMC meeting shall be a minimum of three officers
  1. Elections
  1. Nomination - All nominations must be in writing and received by the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM and the Members must consent in writing to be nominated and to serve if elected
  2. Officers
  1. A Candidate must have been an adult Registered Member of the Region for at least the twelve calendar months preceding nomination, for Chairman twenty four months
  2. A Nominator must have been an adult Registered Member of the Region for at least the twelve calendar months preceding nomination
  1. Elections
  1. If there are no more nominations than vacancies for a particular office then that Member shall be elected
  2. If more than one Member is nominated for a particular office, a paper ballot will be conducted of all Registered Members present at the AGM
  1. Powers and Duties
  1. Regional Management Committee - The RMC shall have the following powers and duties:
  1. Promote and develop the game of Pétanque within the Region
  2. Organize and run Regional competitions, setting a playing calendar
  3. Organise and subsidise coaching and the training of coaches in the Region
  4. Organise and subsidise the training of Umpires in the Region
  5. Form Sub Committees as may be deemed expedient
  6. Hold and operate assets and the funds of the Region
  7. Have the accounts of the Region independently examined and ratified
  8. Propose changes to the Constitution for the decision of Registered Members in General Meetings of the Region
  9. Determine all fees relating to Membership of the Region
  10. Nominate candidates to the EPA MC
  11. Establish as and when required disciplinary action and determine any appeals
  12. Recommend Registered Members, past or present, for Life Membership of the EPA
  1. Chairman
  1. Shall preside, when present, at meetings of the RMC
  2. Shall preside, when present, at General Meetings of the Region
  3. Shall ensure the duties of the RMC are fulfilled
  4. In the absence of the Chairman, the RMC will elect one from their number to preside at meetings of the RMC and General Meetings of the Region
  1. Secretary
  1. Shall convene, and maintain accurate minutes of, all meetings of the Region
  2. Shall be responsible for all communications of the Region
  3. A copy of any EMPA business correspondence sent or received by any Committee Member is required to be given to the Secretary for filing in the official records
  1. Treasurer
  1. Shall operate the finances of the Regions
  2. Shall prepare the Books of Accounts of the Region
  3. Shall prepare and present ratified accounts to each AGM of the Region
  1. Safeguarding - Any Member working on behalf of the RMC with vulnerable adults or minors must be vetted and approved by the relevant authorities through the EPA
  1. Finance
  1. Accounts
  1. Books of Accounts maintained by the Treasurer shall be available for inspection by Members of the Region at any reasonable time
  2. The financial year of the Region shall run from 1st November until the last day of October of the following year
  1. Fees
  1. All fees relating to EMPA Membership, whether existing Members of the Region or new, shall be at a rate determined by the RMC prior to the AGM
  2. Notice of all fees shall be included with notice of the AGM
  1. Expenses - Reasonable expenses may be reimbursed for costs incurred on behalf of the Region
  2. Bank Accounts
  1. The Region shall maintain a current account with a bank, which will operate under joint signatures of the Treasurer and at least one other Officer
  2. Other accounts as required may be opened and operated
  1. Privileges
  1. Registered Clubs - Registered Clubs shall be entitled to:
  1. Have its particulars recorded in the Register of Clubs
  2. Receive Notice of General Meetings and submit motions for consideration at AGM
  3. Participate in the requisition for an Extraordinary General Meeting
  4. Enter in Club competitions of the Region and the EPA
  1. Registered Members - Registered Members shall be entitled to:
  1. Receive a licence from the EPA
  2. Have their particulars recorded in the register of Members
  3. Receive notice of General Meetings
  4. Attend and vote at General Meetings of the Region and the EPA
  5. Attend RMC meetings of the Region
  6. Enter in competitions of the Region and the EPA
  7. Third party liability Insurance cover arranged by the EPA
  8. Receive one copy of the current Official Rules of the game of Pétanque
  1. Administrative Rules
  1. Annual General Meeting
  1. There shall be an AGM of Members in each period of twelve calendar months, convened by the RMC
  2. Preliminary notice shall be given at least twenty one days prior to each AGM
  3. The Secretary shall publish the date, time and place of the meeting
  4. Proposals or nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the AGM
  5. At least seven days prior to the AGM the Secretary shall send to each Club and Member, notice of the meeting, the Agenda of the business to be conducted and details of any competent motions and nominations
  6. The Agenda shall include:
  1. To confirm the date of notice of the meeting
  2. To receive apologies for absence
  3. To approve the minutes of the previous AGM and any subsequent EGM
  4. To receive the Chairman’s Report
  5. To receive and, if so resolved, adopt the Regions accounts
  6. To consider competent motions submitted
  7. To elect the officers of the RMC
  8. To consider any other business as may be admitted - no vote to be taken
  1. Extraordinary General Meeting
  1. An EGM may be convened by the Secretary by direction of the RMC or upon a requisition signed by Registered Club Secretaries and delivered to the Secretary on behalf of not less than five Registered Clubs
  2. The meeting shall be arranged by the RMC
  3. Notice convening an EGM shall be sent to every Club and Member at least twenty one days prior to the date of the meeting, stating the date, time and place thereof and the purpose for which it is convened
  4. No EGM shall proceed to business unless representatives of not less than three quarters of the Clubs convening the meeting are present
  5. An EGM shall transact only the business specified in the notice convening it
  1. Alterations to the Constitution
  1. The Constitution of the Region may be rescinded or altered by a vote of two thirds of the Members present at an AGM or at an EGM called for the purpose
  2. Proposals to amend the Constitution may be accepted from the RMC or a Registered Club
  3. No proposal to amend the Constitution which has been defeated, nor any similar proposal, can be proposed until a period of eighteen calendar months has elapsed
  1. Discipline
  1. The RMC will handle disciplinary matters referred to them
  2. The RMC may elect to refer the matter to the national MC
  3. A Club or individual shall have the right to appeal a decision of the RMC
  1. Dissolution
  1. The Region may be dissolved by consent of three quarters of Registered Members voting in a ballot held at a General Meeting
  2. Funds and assets may be transferred to successor bodies on their formation and on dissolution of the Region
  3. In the absence of designated successor bodies, any funds and assets shall be donated in any such manner that the RMC and the Members deem fit, to be decided at a General Meeting

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