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Student Work Placements with Library Services and the Hive

Information for staff and students

I.        About the Work Placement Scheme


I.i Introduction to the scheme


The University of Worcester Library Services and the Hive are about far more than just books and, as a result, we are able to offer a number of exciting and varied work placements to students with a diverse range of interests. We aim to provide projects-based work placement opportunities that allow students to work independently on the completion of a chosen venture in a real working environment and to gain useful project and time management experience alongside developing more specific skills associated with their individual placement.


I.ii Benefits of a work placement with Library Services and the Hive


All placements with Library Services and the Hive offer students the opportunity to:


·         Gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to work for one of the region’s busiest and most innovative libraries.

·         Explore from the inside how the library works to provide the best possible services to student and public users.

·         Contribute towards the innovation of library services to their own benefit and to that of future University of Worcester students.

·         Complete their placement within University of Worcester grounds close to St Johns and City Campuses and the city centre.

·         Work autonomously on the completion of a project of their choosing in some of the most competitive professional fields.

·         Enjoy working with one of the city’s top employers in a friendly and supportive team of staff.

·         Receive a comprehensive induction to all aspects of Library Services and the Hive and boost their CV with customer service and project management experience in addition to developing more focused project-specific skills.

I.iii Structure of the work placement


As a result of their project-based structure, work placements with the Hive and Library Services are highly individualised and allow students a great deal of autonomy. A standard framework will, however, apply to all placements:


·         On beginning their placement with Library Services or the Hive all students will receive a full library induction, including a building induction at the Hive, an introduction to key Library Services staff, and some time spent shadowing library staff front of house at the Hive and on the askalibrarian enquiry desk.

·         During the work placement students will be in contact with designated members of staff who will provide additional project-specific information and guidance as appropriate.

·         Towards the end of their placement students should allow some time to complete a short piece of external engagement for Library Services or the Hive, for example a blog post reflecting on their experience, which can be used on Library Services webpages and social media. This is designed to be an informal piece of work which will allow the student to appreciate what they have achieved during the work placement and should help them to formulate more formal reflections for the assessed element of the module.

I.iv Support provided


We want to ensure that students are supported throughout their work placement with us and every student will benefit from:


·         A dedicated staff contact to oversee the project and provide guidance and support where needed.

·         The support of the Library Services Student Engagement Co-ordinators who work across all university sites and will be on hand if students have any queries or concerns.

I.v What is expected of you?


·         Library Services and the Hive request that for all student work placements the module leaders provide a staff contact who will be available to discuss any problems arising over the course of the placement that cannot be resolved through discussion with the student. In extreme circumstances where such issues cannot be satisfactorily resolved Library Services and the Hive reserve the right to terminate the placement.

II.        Get in Touch


If you would like more information about student work placements with Library Services and the Hive, or if you have suggestions for a project that you would like to discuss please contact Madalene George, Student Engagement Co-ordinator for Library Services:

Madalene George, March 2016