St. Matthew’s Parish School

6th – 8th Student iPad Use Policy • 2017-2018

General Statement on Use:

Use of the iPad falls within the guidelines of our Character Covenant and Technology Use Agreement. The iPad is a learning tool intended for academic use throughout the school day for purposes relevant to each course. The iPad is subject to review, inspection and monitoring by the school at any time.  The iPad is assigned uniquely to each student and to be used only by that student.  The school provides the iPad, case, satchel, USB sync cable, and power cord. The student is required to provide a set of earbuds or headphones, and may purchase a stylus, keyboard, or other accessories. Each family is responsible for the care of the iPad while off campus. In case of damage, families will be asked to cover a $50 fee to help with cost of repair. Families will be asked to pay an additional fee of $100 for subsequent damages. If an iPad is lost, families are responsible for full replacement cost.

Equipment Care:

Usage Rules:

Apps and eBooks:

Consequences for Violating Use Policy:

Consequences are determined by frequency and nature of infraction and may include the following:

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