*Some organizational changes made to this doc regularly to make things easier to find. If something seems missing, search for it with CTRL/CMND + F. If it’s missing, make a comment and we’ll fix it!

DONATE FUNDS *Newest Updates 6/19

Protest efforts

Victims of police brutality and hate crimes

Community supplies/aid

Rebuilding and small business efforts


Help coordinate arrest/jail support.

Share legal resources

Help organize neighbors on your block

Online health and safety trainings

Make cloth masks

Sign petitions

Be heard in the historical record


Contact Police Leaders


Other resources

DONATE FUNDS *Newest Updates 6/19

The need of these efforts below is immense right now.

PLEASE be generous if you are able! All links have been vetted by Minneapolis-St. Paul activists and allies. If you see links elsewhere on the internet, please be sure to verify directly with owners and organizers and actively call out false fundraisers where you see them. There are people out there trying to take advantage of people’s generosity.

Black Visions Collective, Minnesota Freedom Fund, MPD150, and Reclaim the Block say they do not need any more contributions at this time. Expanded recommendations below.

Protest efforts

Black Immigrant Collective

Black-led immigrant org that amplifies and makes visible the voices of Black immigrants in Minnesota. Work includes: mutual aid support; deportation & detention defense; local, state, & federal policy and resource sharing including legal support.

*Femme Empowerment Project

Venmo @femmeempowermentproject. Skill shares and discussions led by and for QTIIBPOC femmes in the twin cities. Creating space for cultural resiliency, healing and ancestral wisdom. Currently organizing supplies and medic trainings.

*Gas Mask Fund

Venmo @Isak-Douah

Cashapp $Isakdouah


“My name is Isak Douah and I am raising money to buy military grade gas masks for Black youth activists on the front lines. We are choking on teargas every night in Minneapolis. Anything you could spare would go a long way. Help me spread this message by sharing it on all your platforms.” (Pic text from link.)

Legal Rights Center

Providing jail support and free criminal defense for low-income people esp BIPOC.

North Star Health Collective

Our long-standing Twin Cities volunteer medic team who are working on the ground as well as coordinating training to prepare more protest medic support.

*TC Care Collective

South-Minneapolis based rad worker-owned childcare co-op working to provide easy access childcare by and for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and queer organizers and families.

Unicorn Riot

Incredible independent media bringing us live feeds and updates from movements for justice for 5 years (it’s their 5 year anniversary!).

Black Visions Collective

Transformative justice org dedicated to Black liberation, organizing Defund MPD with Reclaim the Block.

UPDATE: Black Visions asks for donations to be redirected to partners.

Reclaim The Block

Organizing Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety (Defund MPD).

UPDATE 6/1: Reclaim the Block asks for donations to be redirected to partners.

Victims of police brutality and hate crimes

George Floyd memorial fund

This fund is established to cover funeral and burial expenses, mental and grief counseling, lodging and travel for all court proceedings, and to assist our family in the days to come as we continue to seek justice for George.  A portion of these funds will also go to the Estate of George Floyd for the benefit and care of his children and their educational fund.

Iyanna Dior

Cashapp $NajaBabiie

Community member who is a Black Trans Woman was beaten by >15 assailants. There have been no reports of arrests. Rather than watch another violent viral video, why not instead donate to her Cashapp while she heals and seeks justice. (No video in link.)

Community supplies/aid

Help support the community now and through the future, fighting injustice, poverty, and uplifting BIPOC lives. ★ = Tax deductible/registered non-profit (if not marked, under review).

Food and supplies

*If you are able to leave your home and donate supplies yourself, please see this interactive tool for local needs: Twin Cities Aid map

*Holistic Heaux

All things holistic health. Prioritizing Rebellion Relief Fund for Black Mamas. “This aid is priority to children and mothers impacted by the Twin Cities Rebellion due to the murder of George Floyd.”

Groceries, Staples, & Emergency Supplies


Mutual Aid in Minneapolis

Community members running large ($2000+!) supply hauls for fellow community members.

More individual contributors

Division of Indian Work

Supporting and strengthening urban American Indian people through culturally-based education, traditional healing approaches, and leadership development. One of their most relevant resources right now is their food shelf.

Al Maa'uun

Org with deep roots in North Minneapolis, serving thousands of households each year with food and critical supplies.


Grassroots org working to promote the well-being and empowerment of Somali women in Minnesota and beyond.

Little Earth Residents Association

Food and safety needs for residents of Little Earth of United Tribes.

*Appetite for Change

Building health, wealth, and social change through youth and workforce development programs, social enterprises, and policy initiative, building community capacity to engage with the food system. Serving North Minneapolis.

Joyce Preschool

Emergency fund for families who had to evacuate their homes near Lake St last week, and who are now coming back to a devastated neighborhood with no grocery stores within walking distance.

(Mental and Physical)

Community empowerment

Rent and housing

*Dreaming in Color

“Dreaming in Color is an organization that focus' on the healing and wellness of BIPOC individuals through an exploration of identity. Dreaming in color's mission is to create a safe and brave space for BIPOCs to learn about who they are without the presence of whiteness, and how one can heal in that process.”

Heartful Healers Coalition

Aims at utilizing funds to support quality therapy primarily for BIPOC folks who are dissuaded, or unable to seek therapy due to financial barriers.

Minnesota Healing Justice Network

Provides a supportive professional community and mutual aid network for wellness and healing justice practitioners who also identify as IBPOC. More ways to help here.

Southside Harm Reduction Services

Working within a harm reduction framework to promote the human rights to health, safety, autonomy, and agency among people who use substances.

Spiral Collective

Volunteer full-spectrum reproductive options and support group comprised of doulas, birth-workers, and passionate reproductive justice advocates. based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, occupied Dakhóta territories.

Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha (CTUL)

A worker-led org where workers organize, educate and empower each other to fight for a voice in their workplaces and in their communities.

Black Women Speak

Gathering Black Women in Minnesota to share experiences in order to heal, find joy and move toward liberation on our own terms!

Black Table Arts

Gathering Black communities through the arts, towards better black futures.

Women for Political Change

Holistically investing in the leadership and political power of young women and trans & non-binary individuals throughout Minnesota.

PPNA - Renters Support Fund operated by the Minneapolis Renters’ Coalition

Group of Powderhorn residents, community organizations, and neighborhood organizations committed to supporting renters in our community.


*Also follow Vanessa Taylor, a Philly writer and organizer whose roots are in MN. She is connected and likely to vet more mighty on the ground efforts to support.

Rebuilding & small business efforts

Contribute to repairing and reconstructing community services, small businesses, and public spaces that have been damaged in the Twin Cities. ★ = Tax deductible/registered non-profit (if not marked, under review).

Healthcare facilities


Small Businesses

Chicago Lake Dental

The clinic is one of a handful of critical access dental providers in the southside community, providing dental care for undeserved, underprivileged, Children and uninsured patients.

CLUES Minnesota

Latin@ resource and service org helping Lake St workers who can’t file for unemployment due to immigration status.

Midtown Global Market Mend

Friends of Global Market donations will go directly to help repair the damage and to help rebuild our small businesses throughout our community.

Migizi Communications

Indigenous youth org on Lake St that advances a message of success, well-being and justice for the American Indian community. Help them rebuild completely after the fires Friday night.

Hennepin County Libraries

Funds to go towards repairing damage and creating new programs and resources focused on tackling the persistent poverty and inequality facing our black, brown and indigenous friends and neighbors.

Pimento Relief Fund

The Association for Black Economic Power is partnering with Pimento to provide black business without insurance relief after white supremacists set them on fire during the protests.

Latino Community on Lake Street

Fundraiser for multiple Latinx-owned businesses on Lake St.

*Miss Garrett’s Vegan Soul

Help bring more healthy, plant based options from a Black entrepreneur to the Twin Cities.

Powwow Grounds

Paypal Native-run cafe, currently providing meals to elders, protectors and community, purchasing medical supplies, fire supplies, cooking supplies.

Trio Plant Based

Minnesota’s first & only Black owned plant based /vegan brick and mortar restaurant, right on Lake St at Lyndale Ave. Owned and operated by Louis Hunter, a cousin of Philando Castile, who was targeted by SPPD in 2016 with unjust felony riot charges which were then eventually dropped. Louis has been defending the restaurant and they need our support now more than ever to thrive.

Small businesses and nonprofits on a neighborhood level

List of all affected businesses, with addresses and maps


Neighbors United Funding Collaborative

Organization is a nonprofit fundraiser supporting Hamline Midway Coalition.

6/19 6PM: $0.68M raised [of $1M goal]


WBC in partnership with Northside Funders Group will direct all donations to support Northside businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 and the recent uprising. Hasn’t raised nearly as much as Lake St yet, so let’s work together to change that.

6/19 6PM: $2.03M raised [of $5M goal]

*Du Nord Riot Recovery

Fund (Southside /black and brown businesses)

Black-owned distillery with a building that was damaged. They’ve “received a tidal wave of love and support from across the nation and many have asked how they can help… Therefore, Du Nord is establishing this fund to support black and brown companies affected by the riots.” 501C status in-progress - update at link.

6/19 6PM: $.56M raised [of $1M goal]


Help coordinate arrest/jail support.

Set up check-ins with protesters you know or offer to be a buddy to someone you don’t. Set regular times for personal check-ins on safety and make yourself available with phone charged and volume all the way UP. Check to make sure they have these phone numbers written on their body before they hit the street:

Legal Rights Center: 612-337-0030

National Lawyers Guild: 612-444-2654

If you are somebody’s personal jail support person:

  • Know their phone number, legal name, birthdate, allergies, medications, religious or dietary needs, and any outside things that they would need coordinated (feeding pets, calling work/ family).
  • Keep your phone charged and on.
  • Have confirmed options to pick them up or coordinate a ride.
  • Contact a bail fund for them if applicable.
  • Make calls to jail to advocate for their needs if applicable, sometimes those being held are denied their medication or etc. with no support to fight for them.
  • Offer things like water, food, a shower, or space to vent to help people regain their balance when they return home or to a safer space.

[Can anyone add what you do next or have a good resource with this information? -Some added.]

Take notes when you witness people being detained, whether in person or online. 

Be sure to include as much of the following as you can:

  • Times
  • Names (if known)
  • Badge numbers and names of officers

This will help with organization like looking up arrest records to keep track of who will need transportation from where and/or calling where they are being held to ask about and advocate for them directly. People detained may have religious, medical, dietary needs, and other urgent requirements that your notes will help with.

Spread the word to allies you know going out to be careful observers and drop everything else if they see detainment in progress, immediately recording video if they safely can.

*Aside from long-standing centralized resources below, this doesn't appear to have be tightly organized and we may need it more in the future.*

Share legal resources

Legal Rights Center: 612-337-0030

National Lawyers Guild: 612-444-2654

St. Thomas Legal Services Clinic at (651)-952-4960. A form is also available here.

  • See national list for more bail info below

Help organize neighbors on your block

We can all look out for each other, make emergency plans together (think of elders, people without cars, people with children, people with pets, etc.), and stay updated. If you are a white ally and have some white neighbors to educate, now is the time. Check out the Education section of this doc for more info.

Keep neighbors supplied with necessities

Text version of places to donate supplies. Updated regularly:

Call the yellow/unconfirmed stores on the map above & try to dete rmine their status.

Help with cleanup by spreading the word

Join the Support the Cities group on Facebook for scheduled/organized events and locations. If you are able to attend in person, safety instructions and some supplies will be provided, but please check event descriptions for any specific items you may be able to bring from home.

Share this doc

Spread the word to more organizers, allies, and anti- police brutality groups in state and across the country to increase funds, bail, supplies, etc.

When using the Facebook group

  • Use the transportation tag-or even driving around areas to report back sightings.
  • Help people on the shelter tab to find shelter who are coming to protest or bring supplies.

Help with accessibility of citizen journalist news

Take video/audio you’ve seen and transcribe it or record a descriptive video of your own describing what’s going on for those with visual and auditory disabilities.

Support each other emotionally.

Chatting via text, or phone, or video, listening, talking through someone’s concerns, practicing mindful breathing.

Online health and safety trainings

  • REGISTER for Tuesday 6/2, 4pm-7pm Central Time

An online introduction to health and safety in the streets, from tear gas and pepper spray treatment to staying hydrated and covid safety. This is not a street medic training, but is meant to help you and your buddies stay safe. ASL interpretation pending confirmation. If you are a healthcare professional looking for a bridge training to become a street medic, check out New York City Action Medical at

Make cloth masks

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic and it’s important that everyone minimize spread while supporting the cause. You can bring masks to protest sites and hand them out or bring them to specific donation centers.

Sign petitions

Be heard in the historical record

Send in your sentiments and demands via this survey to help articulate the voice of the movement and preserve these sentiments in The Society Library’s digital archive.


Contacts and Scripts to send Local Officials regarding the murder of George Floyd

Hello, my name is [your name here] and I am calling as an advocate on behalf of George Floyd and his community. First and foremost, I want to condemn the police officers responsible for murdering Mr. Floyd and the members of law enforcement who escalated violence against peaceful protests honoring his memory.

I have heard the demands put forth by organizers which I am calling to uplift:

  • One, the city must arrest and prosecute all four police officers (Derek Chauvin, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and J. Alexander Kueng) as they would any other people responsible for perpetrating hate crimes. Firing them is the first step, but it is simply not enough.

  • Two, the city must take active steps to decarcerate its government. Firing murderous cops will never change the fact that policing and incarceration are designed to oppress black and brown bodies. The Minneapolis Police Department must be defunded during the special budget session and instead invest in community programs that will reduce the degree of violence in Minneapolis. Get cops out of black neighborhoods. Get cops out of our cities.

George Floyd should be alive today, and all cops involved must be held accountable for his murder, in order to get justice for his family and prevent this brutality and violence from happening again.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey


Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman


Minneapolis Police Union


Minneapolis City Council Members and their contact info

Governor Tim Walz


Contacts for targeted officials:

  • Hennepin County Managing Attorneys

  • Alan Harris, Adult Prosecution Division, (612) 348 - 5561

  • Theresa Couri, Community Engagement Division

  • Jean Burdorf, Special Litigation Division, (612) 348 - 5527

  • Lolita Ulloa, Victim Services Division & Civil Deputy (612) 348 - 5073

  • Andy LeFevour, Community Prosecution Division & Criminal Deputy, (612) 348 - 9952

  • Minneapolis City Council

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Jeremiah Ellison, ward 5: (612) 673 - 2205, no email is available but send a comment here 

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Abdi Warsame, ward 6: (612) 673 - 2206, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Lisa Goodman, ward 7: (612) 673 - 2207, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Andrea Jenkins, ward 8: (612) 673 - 2208, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Alondra Cano, ward 9: (612) 673 - 2209, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Lisa Bender, ward 10: (612) 673 - 2210, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Jeremy Schroeder, ward11: (612) 673 - 2211, no email is available but send a comment here

  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Andrew Johnson, ward 12: (612) 673 - 2212, no email is available but send a comment here
  • Office of Minneapolis city council member Linea Palmisano, ward 13: (612) - 673 - 2213, no email is available but send a comment here
  • Hennepin County Commissioners

Contact Police Leaders

* * *

Minneapolis Police Administration (MPD functions under a decentralized command structure with one Assistant Chief, three Deputy Chiefs, and five Precinct Commanders (Inspectors)), 350 South 5th Street, Room 130, Minneapolis, MN 55415

  • Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo, (612) 673 - 2735

  • Assistant Chief, Mike Kjos, (612) 673 - 2735, 350 South 5th Street, reports directly to the chief and oversees other bureau chiefs
  • Patrol Division, Deputy Chief of Patrol Kathy Waite, (612) 673 - 3292, oversees patrol operations of the city’s five police precincts

  • Chief of Staff, Art Knight, (612) 673 - 2735, the connection between the MPD and communities it serves

  • Professional Standards Bureau, Deputy Chief Henry Halvorson, (612) - 673 - 2735, oversight includes internal affairs division and field training officer programs

  • 3rd Precinct Inspector Sean McGinty, (612) 673 - 5703, the four officers who murdered George Floyd were employed at this precinct

  • Office of Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson, (612) 348 - 3744,, 350 S 5th Street, Room 6, Minneapolis, MN 55415

  • MPD Internal Affairs: (612) 673 - 3074, a recording will say you can’t leave a message, press O# to transfer to the operator, there will be another recording directing you to call elsewhere but WAIT and it should allow you to leave a message on this line as well

  • Bureau of Criminal Apprehension: (651) 793 - 7000, the bureau is handling the investigation, if you can wait on hold for 10 minutes they may claim to be a neutral party not affiliated with the MPD but you can encourage them to press criminal charges

  • Police Officers Federation (Union) of Minneapolis: (612) 768 - 8444, 1811 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
  • Office of police conduct review: (612) 673 - 5500, more information below’

Hello, my name is [your name here] and I am calling as an advocate on behalf of George Floyd and his community. First and foremost, I want to condemn the four police officers responsible for murdering Mr. Floyd and the members of law enforcement who escalated violence against peaceful protests honoring his memory.

I demand action for the murder of George Floyd -- Minneapolis Police officers must be held accountable now and in the future to ensure this never happens again. George Floyd should be alive today, and all cops involved must face consequences for his murder, in order to get justice for George’s family and prevent this brutality and violence from happening again.


How to help as a white person

Resources for unlearning racism and productively getting involved as a white person

See what reform is possible to reduce police violence

Obama Foundation 6/3 Livestream recording

President Obama joins Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, President of Color of Change Rashad Robinson, Minneapolis City Council Representative Phillipe Cunningham, and MBK Columbus Youth Leader Playon Patrick, in a conversation moderated by Campaign Zero co-founder Brittany Packnett Cunningham.
Scroll down here for research, reports, and other resources talked about in the video:

Extend your social media bubble to include black voices

Other resources

BLM Resource list

Resource guide for Saturday May 29th

Googlemap of current actions:

26 ways to Be In the Struggle Beyond the Streets


  • The “Enough is Enough Report”
  • How You Can Help (MPLS, June 2020)

National List of Bail Funds

Atlanta -

Austin -


Bay Area (San Fran, Oakland, San Jose, Vallejo, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz)

Brooklyn -

Boston -

Buffalo NY

Charleston South Carolina

Charlotte - Cash App: $WereStillHere Venmo: ResistanceisBeautiful Call: (980) 224-2097 bail support

PAYPAL = CashApp = NcFreedomfund


Chicago -

Cincinnati Ohio

Cleveland - BLM Cleveland

Colorado -

Columbia South Carolina Cash app/Venmo sodacitybail | 803-602-4589

Columbus -



DC/Maryland/Nova- Venmo - @freedom-fightersdc Cashapp $freedomfightersdc

Denver -

Detroit -

Fargo, ND & Moorhead, MN

Florida: ← focus on LGBTQ individuals 

Grand Rapids / Western Michigan

Harrisburg, PA

Houston -

Indianapolis -

Kansas City -

Las Vegas -

Los Angeles (inc. Oxnard, San Clemente, Santa Ana, Long Beach): ← bail, supplies, transport overall fund

Louisville -

Madison, WI Venmo: @Liam-Manjon | Cashapp: $FreeThe350BailFund | Paypal:

Mass -

Memphis -

Miami -


Milwaukee -

Minneapolis  ← asking for help in other areas. Click thru for links/direction

Minnesota -

Nashville - call 615-495-5450

Nebraska  - 

New Orleans -

New York- ← focused on trans humans

North Carolina PAYPAL = CashApp = NcFreedomfund


Ohio - Canton/Akron

Orlando Florida

Philly -


Pittsburgh -

Portland -

Raleigh/ Chapel Hill -

PAYPAL = CashApp = NcFreedomfund

Richmond -

Rhode Island

Roanoke -

Rockford IL (and Winnebago County)

Salt Lake City, Utah

San Diego (inc La Mesa)

San Jose

Seattle -

Silicon Valley/San Jose:

Toronto -



Washington State

Wilmington, DE