Fall 2015 Field Experience

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Instructor: Kim Koeppen     CRN #12991 and CRN #12992


EDU 1150: Schools & Society - LAB

Type of Experience

Hamline students (teacher candidates) will act as participant observers in a local classroom.

Duration, Frequency, and Approximate Dates:

20 hours total completed during the same 2-hour time block each week for approximately 10 weeks during the semester. There are 30 minutes built into each side of the formal time slots to ensure students can travel to and from campus for other classes.

Student Involvement

Observe, take notes, ask questions of host teacher as time permits, work with individuals and/or small groups as directed by host teacher, support in other ways – appropriate for someone in the first course in the licensure sequence – as identified by the host teacher. Time in the lunchroom and/or on the playground is also time well-spent.

Host Teacher Involvement

Introduce and welcome HU teacher candidate into the classroom community, identify individuals and/or small groups with which teacher candidate can work and give guidance regarding necessary support, answer questions as time permits, and complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to classroom environment.

Complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment. The evaluation is available at:


Hamline Supervision

No direct supervision from Hamline, faculty available – see contact information below – to address questions and concerns.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact

Kim Koeppen E: kkoeppen01@hamline.edu, O: 651-523-2241

Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

E: oce@hamline.edu        O: 651-523-2568