Release 5 - Known Issues


  1. LODs (level of detail) objects are still being implemented so players may occasionally experience objects visually ‘popping’ out of existence or between visual states.
  2. The lighting and shader systems have undergone extensive changes. Some creatures. objects, and clothing may appear unusual in low light settings.
  3. Camera will occasionally clip through walls when near them.
  4. When using a multiple monitor setup there may be issues with the default window placement in windowed mode.
  5. The game will “hang” for several seconds after loading into a scene.
  6. Quadruped NPCs will stand too close to the Avatar during combat creating sorting issues


  1. Lots are now first come, first serve, and do not expire. Claiming a new lot will relinquish your claim on your previous lot.
  2. Changing the house on a lot or un-claiming a lot will clear and return currently placed decorations to your inventory. There is a warning that will ask for confirmation before clearing. This behavior will likely change at some point in the future but is working as intended for now.
  3. The Skill system is in place but not finished. Purchased skills are equipped to the hotbar via the list viewed with the ‘L’ key. This will later be replaced with the deck/card system still under development.
  4. Most skills lack graphical effects and do not yet include secondary effects (like slow).
  5. Some interactives/doors in player houses may not update correctly over the network and will only display correctly for players locally.
  6. Most hand sized items should be able to be picked up by the Avatar with a few exceptions by design: stacks/bundles of items (book stacks, vegetable/fruit boxes, etc) and decorations in other player’s homes will not be lootable.
  7. Some doors are only opened by using a switch (sometimes hidden)- currently there isn’t yet a visual accompanying a locked door, but there is a locked door sound that will play when attempting to open.
  8. Swimming/Jumping interactivity, height, speed, and animations are all still being tuned.
  9. Crafting materials can be difficult to find once placed on the crafting table while in bag inventory mode. If you are having trouble crafting a recipe, make sure that all of the correct components are on the crafting table. The Take All button will help clear the table if having problems when attempting to craft.
  10. Weight and gold values for objects throughout the game are still being adjusted and are not finalized.
  11. Players will not be able to trade items with each other until a later release. It is possible to place items in chests as a temporary work around, but be aware anyone can open the chest and remove the items.
  12. Switching locale for your system (for example switching from English to German) can lead to character problems which can be fixed by deleting your character.

Chat, Dialogue and NPCs:

  1. Multiplayer only: When in multiplayer mode, you must have an NPC targeted to speak to them. This was implemented during R3 to prevent NPCs from interrupting conversations between human players. Please note that targeting NPCs in buildings now works and should be much clearer.
  2. Double-clicking an NPC will now open a conversation with them, assuming you do not have a weapon equipped.
  3. Many ease-of-use changes to the conversation interface have been made, including the ability to double-click on highlighted keywords to follow a conversation. Note that you will still need to use text entry for many options, such as answering questions and asking about things not explicitly pointed out in dialogue. An option has been added to turn this off (as well as keyword highlighting).
  4. The guards of Owl's Head have gone through a training session under Guard Michael, and now all Owl's Head guards, not just Michael, can conduct the initial interrogation of new avatars.
  5. Multiplayer only: You will no longer hear the chat for everyone in the zone in multiplayer instances. Currently you can hear everyone approximately within the range of your vision (approx. 30m away). This may be tweaked based on feedback.
  6. Many changes to “barks” (things NPCs say out loud unprompted), especially in multiplayer. You should see barks you were not seeing and see them more often. We will continue to monitor this to ensure things do not get too spammy in crowded areas. Remember that you can always temporarily filter NPC text in your chat log.
  7. Line of sight restrictions for many NPCs is now implemented, so they will not try to talk to you through walls (you can still, however, occasionally overhear them through walls). Please report any NPC you cannot talk to.
  8. Basic journal support is in; you will occasionally automatically take notes during important conversations and the fact that you did so will appear in your chat log. You can review this at any time with “J”
  9. NPCs will now give you items as part of tasks (for example, the alchemist in Kingsport will give you a set of herbs to bring to the wounded guard in Owl’s Head) that appear in your inventory. Currently these items can be freely sold and/or disposed of; doing so and then talking to the NPC that gave them to you may result in unexpected behavior.
  10. NPCs will no longer tell you they have already told you about a given topic. After testing, we decided that it made it too difficult to talk to NPCs for a very small benefit.
  11. We continue to log your interactions and add to conversation responses as you engage in conversation with NPCs.
  12. Currently you cannot progress in the Agents of the Oracle quest beyond finding Norman in Owl’s Nest (as quest support for the Ruins of Ravenmoor/Throne of Bone dungeon is currently not implemented).
  13. The bandits of Owl's Nest are now far more observant, no longer run away from combat, and will assist one another if attacked. You may want to bring friends if you intend to find red sashes (which Lord Enmar will now properly accept). Also, the quest from Kelly in Owl’s Nest which she referred to but was unavailable in R4 has been added.
  14. The guards in the Clink are now able to be attacked and will assist one another if under attack.
  15. You can no longer hold interesting conversations with NPCs while you are actively trying to kill them.
  16. Most slain creatures should eventually re-spawn, but may animate or behave oddly.

User Interface:

  1. During character creation the chosen hair color does not yet apply to eyebrows.
  2. When playing full screen and using multiple monitors, the user can move the mouse cursor outside of the game window- this functionality is only intended to work in windowed mode or borderless windowed mode (which has yet to be implemented).
  3. Inventory list items can jump around unnaturally and get put in bad positions when dragging around an inventory list with a scrollbar, where the scroll is not set to the top of the list.


  1. Occasionally party members may find themselves in different instances of a scene. Try leaving and reloading the scene.
  2. Party members are visible while traveling on the world map, but not once they enter a hex. Make sure to tell your friends where you are going! Non-party members may also sometimes appear on the Overworld map.
  3. Party members may appear to be dead or afk even when they no longer are.


  1. FPS counter is not always accurate.
  2. There may be framerate issues and slowdown in game, optimizations are still in progress.
  3. Quitting does not immediately exit the game, it will take the user to the start screen and clean up assets for a short time before fully exiting the game.


  1. Sound FX used in game are not final and in many cases may be placeholder


  1. If the patcher process is terminated while updating (e.g. computer/patcher crashes) user may need to uninstall and reinstall to finish the patching.


  1. Officially we only support Ubuntu, however it should run on other distributions but might require some work.
  2. nVidia users: nouveau works, but is slower than the official drivers and might crash; full-screen and resolution switching might be buggy with nouveau. (Use of latest official drivers recomended)
  3. AMD/Ati users: radeondrmfb works, but is slow and might show graphical artifacts, use the latest and official Ati/AMD drivers instead (e.g. fglrx, however do not use experimental drivers).
  4. Both nVidia and Radeon users might experience graphical issues dealing with transparency on game objects.
  5. Switching graphics mode, resolution and full-screen might be buggy on radeon cards (switching back from full screen can cause graphical anomalies - work around to switch out of x11 and back).
  6. Cloth sims don't work on this build, is being investigated for R5. This will affect the way capes look.
  7. Launcher might hang, occasionally, or flicker. In those cases, restart and/or redownload the launcher.


  1. We only support two button mouse currently. One button mouse support will be coming in a later release along with remappable keys.
  2. Mac client isn't developer signed, so if you have the default gate-keeper settings set, you won't be able to directly run the app. If you control-click when you click on the file, it should allow you to open. Once you do that, you will be able to run the app without issue.
  3. Launcher puts game files and metadata next to the app, this will be cleaned-up in future releases. It is recommended to put the launcher in a subdirectory.
  4. Launcher might hang, occasionally, or flicker. In those cases, restart and/or redownload the launcher.