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 hosted by the World Beyblade Organization.

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How to Win

To win a match, a blader must win 3 rounds. You win a round when:

  • The opposing Beyblade stops spinning
  • The opposing Beyblade exits the BeyStadium
  • The opposing Beyblade separates

Beyblade Selection

Once across from each other at the BeyStadium, each blader is to turn their backs and select their Beyblade in secret within 3 minutes.

If you are receiving help–in the form of advice or parts–from someone else, you must announce who is helping you to both the judge and your opponent. Parts borrowed at any point during the event for future use must be announced as well. The exact part(s) do not need to be announced, just the person they are being borrowed from.

Once a blader selects their Beyblade, they must announce that they are “set” and present their launcher and Beyblade to the judge for inspection. Beyblades should preferably be unassembled for inspection, or the judge will do it themselves.

Once a blader is set, they may not change their Beyblade or launcher for the duration of the match. Once both bladers are set, the match begins.

During Beyblade selection, bladers are forbidden from:

  • getting up and/or leaving the BeyStadium
  • turning around before both bladers are set
  • attempting to spy on or gain information about the opposing blader’s selection
  • attempting to switch their equipment after announcing they are set

Stadium Inspection: Bladers may request to pick up and inspect the stadium briefly at prior to the beginning of the Beyblade Selection phase. The stadium must then be placed back into the position it originally rested in.


A round begins with the call of “3–2–1 Go Shoot!”

Both bladers must simultaneously launch their Beyblades as the word “shoot” is called.

  • Keep your Launcher held within your half of the BeyStadium. Never attempt to obstruct your opponent’s launch.
  • Launch your Beyblade from just above the BeyStadium (30cm maximum). Do not touch the BeyStadium at any time. If you think the BeyStadium should be adjusted, ask a judge.
  • If a winder-based launcher is being used, a legal launch consists of the winder being pulled out of the launcher, rather than pushed in.


If your launch is obstructed or noticeably underpowered due to an event beyond your control, you can request a relaunch, which will immediately void and end the current round.

The primary reasons you’d want to request a relaunch are:

  • Your launcher malfunctions in a way that causes your launch to be underpowered
  • You are accidentally hit or shoved by the opposing player or a spectator

You must request a relaunch immediately after your Beyblade leaves the launcher, and the judge may deny your request if they determine that you were at fault.

Round Results

After each round, bladers must refrain from touching their Beyblade until the judge has announced the winner.

Both bladers and all spectators must also refrain from influencing the judge’s decision by announcing their own opinion before the judge has rendered theirs.

Deck Format

A special set of rules used in the final stages of WBO Beyblade tournaments that allows you to strategically switch between Beyblade combinations during the match.


Matches are to 5 points. Both out-spins and knock-outs are worth 1 point.

Deck Building

During deck building, you build up to 3 Beyblades with no repeated parts that will make up your deck for that match. Zero-G/Shogun Steel Chrome/Warrior Wheels are exempt from this rule and may be repeated within the same combo. Regular Faces and Stone Faces are also exempt from this rule in general.

Additionally, you may use one launcher for each spin direction with your deck for the duration of the match. Accessories attached to each launcher may not be removed or reconfigured once the match has begun. Launchers and accessories must be chosen during the deck building phase.

Once you’ve assembled your desired deck and chosen launcher(s), you can declare that your deck is ready. The judge will inspect your deck and launcher(s). Before the match begins, both Bladers will inspect each other’s decks. Then the Beyblade selection phase happens in secret as normal.

BeyLauncher LR & Light Launcher LR Ruling: If you would like to use the BeyLauncher LR or Light Launcher LR, you may use it either as the only launcher for your deck (in which case you may re-configure it between rounds to change the spin direction), or in a single spin direction in conjunction with another launcher of your choosing. If you choose the latter, you must notify the judge before the match begins which spin direction you are locking yourself into.


After each round, the loser is asked if they want a replay, which bars both bladers from switching their Beyblade (or mode of their Beyblade) in the next round. Replays do not alter the result of the previous round; a loss is still a loss, and you can’t replay once you’ve lost the match.


If a replay is declined, both bladers may switch Beyblades before the next round. The winner of the previous round must declare first if they will switch. If they will switch, they must make their selection (including mode changes, if applciable) and then show it to the opponent. The loser then has the option to switch their Beyblade for another Beyblade in their deck; however, they are not obligated to.

Legal Equipment

Only official Metal Fight Beyblade products produced by Hasbro, Takara-Tomy, and Sonokong can be used.

All matches must take place in one of the following stadiums:

  • Attack type BeyStadium
  • Burst BeyStadium Standard type
  • Triple Battle Type BeyStadium (Sonokong)
  • Super Control BeyStadium (not pictured above)

Stadiums must be produced by Takara-Tomy or Sonokong.

  • Foreign Substances & Modification: Beyblade and launcher parts cannot be painted, coated, or physically modified in any way that affects their performance except in the methods explicitly outlined in the green section below . Bladers who intentionally modify the performance illegally of their equipment will be disqualified and potentially banned from future WBO events.

  • Significantly Worn Parts: Beyblade parts that have worn down to an extreme degree, causing the part’s shape and/or performance to be drastically altered, may be rejected from WBO events. Please ask a judge if you are unsure if your part is legal.

  • Broken Parts: Beyblade parts that are broken in any way are considered illegal and may not be used in WBO events unless explicitly outlined in this rulebook (i.e. using a BeyLauncher with a broken handle).  See “Breakage During Play” in the Gameplay Appendix for detail on how to proceed if your part breaks during a match.

  • Sticker Placement: Stickers cannot be placed anywhere where two parts of the Beyblade come into contact with each other. You must respect the legal sticker positioning as outlined by the instructions included  in each product.

  • Product Restrictions: Light Wheels (plastic versions of Metal Wheels that are obtained from Random Booster Light Volumes), Remote Control Beyblades, Electronic Beyblades, and any Beyblade sideline/promotional product that is not compatible with the mainline Beyblade series of tops are illegal.

  • System Incompatibility: Parts from one system cannot be used with a system they were not designed to be compatible with, e.g. using an MFB Launcher with a Plastic Customize Grip. The same rule applies for parts within the same system which were not designed to be voluntarily compatible, such as the Diablo 4D Metal Wheel’s Core.

  • Playing Surface Stadium Cracks: Cracks within the playing surface of Stadiums are not acceptable and Stadiums with such damage are illegal for WBO play.

  • Outer Wall Stadium Cracks: Cracks on the walls or outside of the play area are acceptable if they are repaired with tape attached to the underside of the Stadium

  • Swapping Launcher Components: Components of a launcher that have been worn down over use may be replaced with an identical substitute from another launcher.

  • Launcher Grip + Battery: A single battery may be inserted inside a Launcher Grip to help with weight balancing.

  • Painting/Clear-coating: Painting or clear-coating parts for aesthetic reasons is permitted. The coat must be light, non-textured and not affect the Beyblade’s performance. Bladers who intentionally modify the performance of their equipment will be disqualified and potentially banned from future WBO events.

  • Marking Parts: Parts may be marked in order to differentiate parts from your opponent’s in the event that your Beyblade(s) separate, or to maintain the orientation of your combination’s parts should it separate and need to be re-assembled. You may apply minor markings (single lines or dots) to them with a pen or marker.  Other methods of marking not explicitly outlined here are not permitted and will be considered a “foreign substance” as defined by the section above.

  • Painting or Decorating Launchers/Grips/Accessories: Launchers, Grips, and Accessories may be painted or decorated for aesthetic purposes only. Any paint or decoration added must not affect the performance or originally intended functions or gimmicks of the part and should not obstruct your opponent’s ability to launch properly in any way. If a judge determines your launcher, grip, or accessory has been modified to the point of illegality due to such modifications, they may tell you to you switch to a new version of that same part.

  • Swapping Launcher Components: Components of a launcher that have been worn down over use may be replaced with an identical substitute from another launcher.

Limited Format + Ban List

Metal Fight Limited Format uses standard Metal Fight Format rules with one critical difference: certain parts are banned! Removing parts that are too powerful or heavy allows for a balanced metagame, giving older and lighter parts a chance to shine.

In Limited Format Tournaments, you can use all Beyblade parts from the Metal Fight Beyblade generation except for the following:

4D/Hyperblade Metal Wheels

Other Metal Wheels

  • Beat [4D]
  • Big Bang [4D]
  • Blitz [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Cosmic [Hyperblade]
  • Death [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Diablo [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Duo [4D]
  • Fang [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Flash [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Fusion [4D]
  • Kreis [4D + Hyperblade]
  • L-Drago Destroy Metal Frame [4D]
  • L-Drago Destructor Metal Frame [Hyperblade]
  • L-Drago Guardian Metal Frame [4D]
  • Omega [4D]
  • Phantom [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Scythe [4D]
  • Variares [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Wing [4D + Hyperblade]
  • Basalt/Twisted
  • Hell/Hades
  • Libra [Metal System]
  • Scythe [Metal Fury]

Clear/Crystal  Wheels

  • Dark Knight/Ronin


  • BD145
  • SA165
  • E230
  • SP230


  • RDF

Zero-G/Shogun Steel Chrome/Warrior Wheels

You may not combine Zero-G/Shogun Steel Chrome/Warrior Wheels and “Synchrome” them together in Limited Format. You may however use Chrome/Warrior Wheels with Crystal Wheels.

Gravity Metal Wheel Mode Change Restrictions

For Limited Format, the mode (spin direction) of the Gravity Metal Wheel can only be changed once per match in both the first and final stages of events. If two players wish to change modes at the same time, they must turn around and do so in secret before continuing the match.

In the final stage of events, Gravity’s initial spin direction must be declared to the judge while their deck is being inspected.

Launcher Rulings


You may use a BeyLauncher with a broken handle.


The BeyLauncher L is designed to be compatible with left-spin or dual-spin Beyblades only.
You may not use the BeyLauncher-L to make other Wheels spin counter-clockwise.

Likewise, for any launchers with a set of single-spin prongs, you may not use left-spin prongs for right-spin-only Beyblades, and vice-versa with left-spin-only Beyblades on right-spin prongs. For instance, L Drago and Lightning L-Drago pertain to the second category. Gravity Perseus and Variares are the only Beyblades from the Metal Fight Beyblade series that can use both spin rotations.


The BeyLauncher-LR must be used with its cap. Spin Direction can be changed on the BeyLauncher-LR in between rounds, but it may not be changed when a Beyblade is already attached to one of its sets of prongs. This rule applies to all dual-spin launchers.

Rev-Up Launcher

The Rev-Up Launcher must be used either the same way as a BeyLauncher, or revved up as it was intended to be used. This launcher can only be revved during the countdown, before "Shoot!" or "rip!" are said.

Tournament Code of Conduct

World Beyblade Organization tournaments are run by volunteers so that bladers of all ages can play in competitive Beyblade events that are fair and fun.

It’s expected that all bladers attending WBO tournaments follow the rules, display good sportsmanship, and act with integrity.


  • Be honest with WBO event judges
  • Ask a judge before doing something you think could be against the rules
  • Be kind and respectful to judges and other bladers
  • Welcome new bladers and help them learn the rules of the game


  • Taunt or “boo” other bladers
  • Throw a match – if you want to stop playing, tell a judge
  • Disrupt an in-progress match, be it yours or another blader’s
  • Touch or take the equipment of other bladers without permission

Bladers who break or attempt to circumvent any of these rules can be disqualified by the event host, and potentially banned from future WBO events.

If you disagree with a judge’s decision ...

You’re entitled to dispute the decision, but must accept the judge’s final call.

If you still disagree, document the incident to the best of your ability and email the details to We take all incident reports seriously.

If the dispute is related to a particular match result, it must be submitted before it is processed into the rankings.

If the evidence submitted is found to prove a particular result should have been reversed, the match will be voided entirely.

Match winners may only be reversed if it is proven that a judge colluded with someone to fix a particular result.

Gameplay Appendix


A Beyblade is still considered to be spinning as long as it is visibly rotating to any degree along the axis running directly through the center of the Beyblade faster than the rotation along the stadium floor. A complete full rotation around this axis is not needed to be considered spinning. Rotation along the stadium floor alone is considered ‘rolling’ and is therefore no longer considered to be spinning.

Some Beyblades have parts that allow the upper half to continue rotating after the bottom half has stopped; these are still considered to be spinning. Once a Beyblade stops spinning, the round ends. If a Beyblade starts spinning again after it has stopped, the round does not resume.


A Beyblade is knocked-out when it exits the play area. Beyblades stuck on an element of a stadium are still considered in-play.

Beyblades that bounce back into the stadium after exiting the play area are still considered knocked-out. However specifically, if in the Burst BeyStadium Standard type a Beyblade exits the play area and bounces back in before touching the opposing Beyblade in any fashion, the round will continue.

Breakage During Play

If a Beyblade’s part breaks during battle, the round is voided and the owner must produce an identical replacement to continue the match. If they cannot, they lose the match. If both players’ Beyblades break at the same time, the match is reset and the selection phase begins again. If a launcher breaks during battle, it must be replaced by the same type of launcher before the next round can begin.

Parts with Multiple Modes

If using a Beyblade that has multiple modes, it is illegal to change the mode of the part(s) if you have to separate or disassemble the Beyblade in any way to do so.

Photography Policy

By attending any World Beyblade Organization Organized Play Event, you agree as either a organizer, participant, or spectator to potentially be photographed or included by video shot by staff members, organizers, or other participants/spectators.

If you would prefer to not be included in any photographs or videos, please notify the host of the event and they can make an effort to notify the person taking photos and video to minimize your appearance in them as much as possible. However, guarantees of complete exclusion cannot be made given the nature of shooting photos and video at our events (you may still appear in the background depending on the circumstances, for example). We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

If you are attending an event and plan on taking photographs or video, please ensure to do so respectfully and if you are asked to refrain from shooting someone, please make every effort to do so.

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