Studio 3 PAC
2017 FALL Schedule

FALL session starts september 8, 2017!

Updated june 12, 17

Key: Toddler/Pre-Dance, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Theater/Music, Acro, Technique, Crew

MONDAY (Miss Miranda, Miss Jessie, Miss Rachel)

Front Desk: 5:00-7:00pm

Down Stage Room

Center Stage Room

Up Stage Room

4:45-5:15    Tumble and Twirl

5:15-5:45p  Pop Star Ballet

5:15-6:00p  Cont/Modern Int/Adv

5:45-6:15p  Pop Star Tap

6:00-6:45p  Jazz Adv I/II

6:15-6:45p  Pop Star Jazz

6:45-7:45p  Ballet Adv I/II


6:45-7:30p  Tap Int I/II

7:45-8:30p  Pointe Beg  

7:45-8:30p  Pointe Int

TUESDAY(Miss Erica, Miss Avalon, Miss Rachel)

Front Desk:

Down Stage Room  A

Center Stage Room  R

Up Stage Room  E

4:00-4:30p   Strength and Condition

4:30-5:00   Pre Ballet

4:30-5:00p   Flex and Stretch

5:00-5:45p  Dramatic Lyrical Beg II

5:00-5:30   Tappin Toddlers


5:45-6:30p  Ballet Beg II

5:30-6:30p Jazz Adv III

5:30-6:30p   Ballet Int III

6:30-7:15p  Jazz Beg II

6:30-7:30p Ballet Adv III 

6:30-7:15p   Dramatic Lyrical Int III

7:15-8:15p   Jazz Int III 

7:30-8:00p Tokyo Crew  

7:15-8:00p  Teen Jazz Beg/Int


8:00-8:45p  Teen Tap Beg/Int

WEDNESDAY (Miss Erica, Miss Rebecca, Miss Miranda)

Front Desk: 4:15-7:00pm

Down Stage Room M

Center Stage Room

Up Stage Room

10:30-11:15a  Ants In Your Dance I

4:15-5:00p Jazz Funk Beg II/Int I

5:00-5:45p Tap Beg II/Int I

5:00-5:45p  Jazz Int I

5:00-5:45p  Jazz Int II

5:45-6:45p Acro II

5:45-6:30p  Ballet Int I

5:45-6:30p  Ballet Int II

6:30-7:15p Dramatic Lyrical Int II


6:30-7:15p  Dramatic Lyrical Int I

7:15-8:00p Teen Ballet Beg/Int

7:15-8:00p  Seattle Crew     


8:00-8:45p Teen Lyrical Beg/Int

THURSDAY (Miss Erica, Dontez, Miss Jessie, Miss Rebecca)

Down Stage Room

Center Stage Room

Up Stage Room



4:00-4:45p  Hip Hop Int/Adv

4:45-5:15p  Detroit Crew

6:00-7:00p  Ballet Tech Int/Adv

5:15-6:00p  Hip Hop Beg/Int

7:00-7:30p  Milan Crew 

6:00-7:00p  Production Crew


7:00-7:45p  Portland Crew  

FRIDAY (Miss Jessie, Miss Rebecca)

Front Desk:  5:00-7:00pm

Down Stage Room

Center Stage Room

Up Stage Room

4:15-5:00p Jazz Funk Beg II/Int I

5:00-6:00p Ballet Tech

5:00-5:45p  Musical Theater

5:00-5:45p Tap Beg II/Int I

5:45-6:30p Pre Pointe

5:45-6:30p Ballet/Contemp Tech


6:30-7:30p Ballet Repertoire

SATURDAY (Miss Miranda, Miss Rachel,

Front Desk:  9:15-11:15am

Down Stage Room

Center Stage Room

Up Stage Room

9:30-10:00a  Pre Ballet

9:45-10:15a Pop Star Ballet

10:00-10:30a  Tappin’ Toddlers

10:15-10:45a Pop Star Tap

9:45-10:30a   Tap Beg I

10:30-11:15a  Ants In Your Dance Tap/Ballet

10:45-11:15a Pop Star Jazz

10:30-11:15a  Lyrical Beg I

11:15-12:00p  Acro I

11:15-12:15p  Ballet Tech Int/Adv

11:15-12:00p  Acro II

12:00-12:45p Ants In Your Dance Ballet/Pom Pon

12:45-1:30p  Jazz Beg I

12:00-12:45p  Ballet Beg I

1:30-2:15p  Dramatic Lyrical Int I/II

12:45-1:30p  Jazz Funk Int I/II

1:30-2:00p  Tumble and Twirl

*By audition/invitation only

Acro crew

Int II


Adv I

Adv II




Group Class PRICING:

per 16-week Session

30 min class:  $165

45 min class:  $215

60 min class:  $265

90 min class:  $365

Unlimited Group classes

per month, 5-month period

Unlimited Student:  $295

Unlimited Family:    $350

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