Awareness Campaign

Web Design / Tech Evaluation


“A” Grade

All requirements strongly met according to criteria on left.

“B” Grade

All requirements are met, but to a lesser degree in quality.

“C” Grade

Similar to the “B” but incomplete due to several missing elements in assignment criteria, development, and/or consistency.

“D” Grade

Will be missing more elements than “C”

“F” Grade or Missing

Assignment is incomplete and does not meet the standards for criteria.


  • Consistent overall look and feel.
  • Well designed and thoughtful layout and color scheme.
  • Clean and clear navigation bar.
  • Engaging header and footer.
  • A logo that clearly expresses your campaign.


  • Content is engaging and accessible
  • You educate, entertain, and/or inspire with your content.
  • All pages include a balance of information and media.
  • Content is original (text, images, media)

Social Media Elements

  • A  minimum of two unique social media platforms.
  • Each media element provides a different social experience.
  • Media elements feature unique content, created by your team.


  • Website functions correctly.
  • No broken images, no dead end links.
  • Navigation is clear and easy to follow.
  • Entire website is uploaded to
  • Working URL is turned in.

Overall Grade:                                                                

MAD Academy Final Project: Tech Rubric