BMCA Wilson Position Notes

At the 6/6/2016 BMCA General Meeting:

At the 8/9/2016 BMCA board meeting the board adopted the following framework for a position on Wilson


Priorities describe needs, not how the need is accomplished. For example:

Safe pedestrian crossing of Wilson at Livingston is a priority

Put a stoplight at Wilson and Livingston - This is a solution, not a priority

Reduce cut-through traffic is a priority

Close Livingston at 6th street is a solution.


For the Google form collecting feedback, we will require people to provide their name and email address. We don't want any anonymous comments nor give the people the ability to 'stuff the ballot box'.


For the voting, each paid member will receive an email asking them to rank the options. For paid members who do not respond to the electronic ranking, send out letters (either via US mail or our runners) to get additional rankings.

We will also send the link out through the listserv. This should include a clear message that only paid members will be permitted to submit a vote.

Voting will NOT be anonymous. When people submit their ballot they will be asked to identify themselves. This is consistent with the voting at the BMCA general meetings.


For the list of options which people will rank, we are looking for approximately 5 options which cover a broad spectrum depending on how the various requirements are weighed. For example (and these are just examples): Restripe Wilson east of Manchester to two lanes, continue one lane striping to livingston, turn Wilson into a pedestrian walkway, restripe with stop lights, etc)


Ranking will use the 'instant runoff' format. After voting is complete the lowest ranking option is removed and people's ranking automatically readjusted. This continues until a final decision is established.