Norbert Rich School Forest “Wish List”

$1 - $5


Baby wipes/disinfecting wipes

Hand sanitizer

Nature stickers

Suet cakes for bird feeding

Elmer’s glue

Hot glue guns

Hot glue sticks

Decorative tape (washi tape or fancy colored duct tape)

Washable crayola markers

Permanent markers

Wet erase (Vis-a-Vis) markers


$5 - $10

AA Batteries

AAA Batteries

Energy efficient light bulbs

Colored copy paper

Recess toys/equipment (balls, yard games, etc.)

$10 - $25

Bird seed (black oil sunflower)

Pond Nets

Children’s books about nature

Nature field guides of various types

Fishing poles

Rakes, shovels, brooms, other yard & garden tools

Hand trowels

Tree pruning equipment

SD memory cards for wildlife cameras (32 GB)

$25 - $100

Shop Vac

Snow shoes in both adult and children’s sizes (may be gently used)


Garden carts

Tree pruning equipment (telescoping tree trimmer)

Cross-country ski sets (may be gently used)

Wildlife trail cameras with cable locks

$100 - $1000

Weed whipper


Gas grill

Gas stove

Wildlife specimens (pelts, mounts or other collections)


Canoe (with life jackets and paddles)

Larger Projects with Volunteers Required - Possible Eagle Scout Projects

New cabin flooring

Cabin remodelling

Building of several trail boardwalks for wet areas

Trail building & identification markers/mapping system developed

More permanent fire pit area constructed near pond

More outdoor classroom seating areas - picnic tables/benches, etc.

Bird watching blind construction with feeders

Dock classroom constructed at pond area