Eduphoria eCourse HOW TO


STEP 1: If you don’t have a direct link, find the eCourse offerings under Workshop - eCourses category

1 find ecourses.JPG

STEP 2: Find your eCourse...The number of IT credits for each course is listed in the title itself, for example, the IT 1: Getting Started with MS Excel 2010 is worth 1 IT credit.

2 scroll to bottom and click on course.JPG

STEP 3: Click “Register”

3 register.JPG

STEP 4: Confirm you want to register by hitting “OK”

4 hit ok.JPG

STEP 5: Eduphoria will send you straight into the course if you hit “OK” can always manually enter the course at a later date (assuming you’re registered) by going into My Portfolio and clicking on the course...

5 enter the course.JPG

STEP 6: At this point you should see the course in your portfolio...just click on “Course Content”

6 click on course content.JPG

STEP 7: Click “View”

7 click view.JPG

STEP 8: Navigate through the course using the blue arrows (important later on)

8 navigate through course with blue arrows.JPG

STEP 9: Of course, read through any directions in the course, paying special attention to “Score Assessment” buttons...then when you complete the last assessment (& score assessment) and click the blue arrow over button for the very last time you should see this notification: “You have reached the end of the chapter.” Then you can close out of the tab/window you’ve been using to access the course...

9 end of chapter close out.JPG

STEP 10: Assuming you’ve followed these instructions, you’ll be able to “request credit” from within the My Portfolio section.  

eCourses all require users to “request credit” even if the scoring is set up to be automatic and done by the system.

request credit from my portfolio.png

If the course is set up to automatically grant you credit when you request it (based on your score), after requesting credit you’ll see credit was earned and the option to Create Certificate (which isn’t necessary to receive credit).

credit earned.png

Some courses are set up so that the instructor manually grants credit (typically in cases where something is uploaded and needs to be reviewed first).  In this case, instead of seeing credit earned, you’ll see credit pending after requesting credit. We try to check on these daily but feel free to email us once your credit is pending and we’ll get you taken care of!

credit pending review.png

If you don’t receive an email notifying you of course credit, email the course instructor (or anyone in Curriculum).  

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