5 Reasons To Make DaHairDoc

Your Own Hair Pro To Grow


In 2015 DaHairDoc Makes Her Beauty Brand of Healthy & Natural Hair Pro Care Grow Accessible Online + Offline - Professionally & Personally

#1) DaHairDoc has a rich licensed career experience with clients of all hair textures-tones-types from college-to-CEO; having cared for & helped with  the maintenance and emergency  repair of almost every texture of hair since 1995. Discerning customers who have searched high and low for a knowledgeable hair stylist who understands how personal hair health & style is to one’s image delight in DaHairDoc’s human-touch integrated with professional service delivery online and offline.

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#2) In addition to being a multi-award winning licensed cosmetologist-esthetician (see http://dahairdocshop.com/pages/about-dahairdocs) DaHairDoc is a Certificate-Bearing Master Natural Hair Technician celebrity-stylist trained by some of the most popular pioneers in the Natural Hair Care Industry. DaHairDoc has served as inaugural panelist for AHBAI’s Proud Lady Beauty Show, Inaugural Natural Hair Pavillion (Near Sellout) Exhibitor; AHBAI’s Inaugural Proud Lady Model Competition Placement Winner; DaHairDoc’s is also most reknown in Chicagoland as Cosmetologist Chicago & Fashion Group International’s 2-time winner of their CHICAGO’s RISING STAR STYLIST Competition as well as performing Platform Artistry /Education as a Texture Specialist for Cosmetologist Chicago’s Artistic Team. DaHairDoc has helped hundreds of clients seeking her professional service + proprietary formulaic product line, to begin and reach their healthier hair care goals. 99% of these clients come having prayed, been referred or researched DaHairDoc to hire a trained beauty professional they can trust enrolling in DaHairDoc’s now VIP (very important & personal) healthy hair and damage repair program (contact email: dahairdoctor@gmail.com) see below for more social connection information.


#3) Clients love that DaHairDoc’s DAHAIRDOC.COM handcrafted & fresh hair + skin care products are time-and-growth-tested; helping clients maintain the healthy hair growth, style management and wear of their hair while having fun with a phenomenal choices of gourmet-formulaic fashion (natural food-grade-based) hair + skin beauty & grooming goodies ( Shop http://www.DaHairDoc.com) DaHairDoc.com (Circa 1995) has supplied the healthy hair and beauty care needs with innovation boasting over 1 million + eCommerce shoppers since AOL had homepages online & still growing strong! DaHairDoc also offers exceptional facial & makeup artistry as well in her esthetics services –dba- Face Booking U -

See: https://www.facebook.com/pages/VIP-Face-Publisher-MUA-Makeup-Artistry-Service-FACE-Models/565444593559436).

#4) DaHairDoc is always IN! Be it an online and/or  offline in-salon or event: a booked appointment experience with DaHairDoc is not unlike a hair therapy session, with each (regular) visit building upon the health and integrity of one’s hair contributing to each client’s well-consulted hair growth goals/style vision short-term to long-term. DaHairDoc is committed to helping her clients/customers hair health & beauty win.

#5) DaHairDoc encourages women who have never been taught what is a better choice, style, method and product to use for their own textural individuality to save themselves the misery of what might be preventable hair loss and chemical/heat damage due to: (DIY hair tragedies, big-chopping, trimming too much,  unprofessional & untrained styling experiences in and out of the salon culture;) by entrusting her with their professional hair caring needs.

DaHairDoc will service Chicagoland clients in 2015  for healthy hair & natural hair care appointments
at Yehia & Co.’s Oak Park Location off Madison near Ridgeland.


  Please call DaHairDoc at 815-375-4286 to book your appointment in advance between business hours of Tuesday – Saturday 8-5 (Walk-ins available – please call first for scheduling coordination).

Email: dahairdoctor@gmail.com  Twitter: @dahairdoctor  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DaHairDoccom/194695430546449