Technical Packet

Revised March 17, 2016

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About Spotlight Theater,

Although its primary use is for performing arts education, Spotlight Theater is an very versatile intimate performance space. There is no fixed seating: portable staging and seating risers enable the creation of any kind of theatrical space—arena, thrust, or endstage. Or, for small, informal musical events, café style tables and chairs can be used. Lighting positions allow theatrical lighting anywhere in the space.

Black theatrical draperies can be closed to mask the dance mirrors. Plans include adding a second drapery track behind the black to support versatile combinations of soft goods including rain curtains, projection, and a variety of textures and colours.


Technical Specifications


Per the Fire Marshall, when in use as a performing arts facility, seating capacity in Spotlight Theater is limited to 80 seats. Total capacity for Spotlight Theater is 100 including performers, staff, crew and audience members.

Space Dimensions

47’ X 32’, 1,500 square feet (roughly the footprint of the Flynn Center mainstage).

The lighting pipes are 13’ 9” from the floor.


As you might expect given its primary use as a dance studio, the entire floor of the performance space in Spotlight Theater is fully sprung and optimized for dance and performance. The floor and subfloor are manufactured by StageStep of Philadelphia. Specifically, the subfloor is Springstep IV, and the surface is Timestep, the ultimate multi-purpose dance flooring, ideally suited for all movement activities including ballet, tap, theatrical, jazz, folkloric, modern, ballroom, and character. This heavy duty permanent flooring can handle heavy scenery, props, and percussive dance.

Nailing or screwing items into the floor is strictly prohibited.


There is a large (12’ X 14’) overhead door on the south side of the studio.

Stage Equipment

80 chairs for theatrical seating
Intellistage portable stage/seating risers.
(8) 16 sq. ft. platforms
(8) 8” Risers

(1) 12’ Fiberglass Ladder (300lb capacity)
(1) 6’ Fiberglas Ladder (300 lb Capacity)

Café seating is allowed. The studio has (10) 24 inch round tables and (5) 30 inch round tables that may be used.

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-330 piano (w/dolly)
Behringer K900FX Ultra-Flexible 90-Watt 3-Channel PA System / Keyboard Amplifier with FX and FBQ Feedback Detection

Backstage Facilities

1 green room (teacher’s lounge in mezzanine) accommodating 8 people, chairs, tables, coffee maker, microwave, and mini-fridge;
2 dressing rooms accommodating a total of 14 people (one located in the front Studio section).
2 accessible toilet rooms

Lighting and sound control booth located in mezzanine.


At this time the studio does not have any communication / intercom equipment in house. We can recommend rental options.


Projection screen - 13:9 (66”h x117”w. 134” diagonal) permanently hung from 4th electric electronically controlled from Mezzanine (additional charges apply).

Rose Brand stretch shapes also available for use as projection surfaces (additional charges apply).

Mounted digital projector –
Panasonic PT-AR100u, HD 2800 Luman.

Remote Controls

Remote controls for the projection screen, digital projector and CD player are located just above the Behringer amplifier in the equipment rack in the north east corner of the studio.


The standard house installed system is comprised of two Community Veris 8 full range speakers, 18’ Subwoofer, Behringer EP1500 amplifier, Rolls Mixer and Tascam CD player with Ipod dock. The electronics are located in a wall mounted rack in the northeast corner of the studio. From an output standpoint, this system is usually more than adequate for most needs anticipated within the space.

If needed, the house has a complement of more robust equipment that can be used to replace or augment the installed system. (Additional charges apply).

(1) Audio Technica Freeway Handheld wireless Microphone System
(4) Audio Technica Freeway Wireless Lapel Microphone Systems
(4) Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphones
(1) Shure Beta 58 Dynamic Microphone

(2) AKG D1000E Dynamic Microphones
(2) AKG D880 Dynamic Microphones
(2) Behringer C-2 Matched Studio Condenser Microphones
(2) Behringer B-2 Large Diaphram Studio Condenser Microphones
(2) Audio Technica AT2020 medium diaphragm side-address studio condenser microphone
(1) MXL V67Q Stereo Condenser Microphone

ROLLS RM69 Mic/Source Mixer

(1) Yamaha MG206C-USB 20-channel, 6-bus Live Mixer with USB Connectivity, Channel EQ and Compression, Phantom Power

(1) Tascam CD-200I CD PLAYER w/IPOD DOCK

(1) Lexicon MX200 Dual Reverb/Effects Processor

Behringer EP1500 Power Amplifiers (2ch X 260w @ 8ohms)
QSC DCA-1622 Power Amplifier (2ch X 300w @ 8ohms)

(2) Community Veris 8 FOH Speakers (dead hung)

(2) Community Veris 6 Speakers

(1) Marathon PA18100 18” Subwoofer
(2) JBL SF12M 2-Way 12” Stage Monitor
(2) Behringer B1520 2-Way 15” Speaker

(1) 100 ft. 12/4 XLR Snake (permanent install)
(1) 100 ft. 8/4 XLR Snake
Supply of Various length XLR Microphone Cables
(10) Microphone Stands
(1) Behringer
SUPER-X PRO CX3400 High-Precision Stereo 2-Way/3-Way/Mono 4-Way Crossover with Limiters

Sound can be run either from the house or the sound/lighting booth in the mezzanine. There is a 100’ 12/4 snake to the booth that provides return to the FOH amplifiers and monitor feed.

Theatrical Lighting


There are (24) 20 Amp circuits (Edison) available, four on either end of three 40’ long, 1½ inch Schedule 40 pipes that span the studio. Additionally there are (2) 20 Amp circuits on a separate leg for House lights. This provides enough service for a potential of 104 channels of 600w dimming.


Spotlight Theater uses portable dimmer packs throughout the facility. This provides maximum flexibility. At present the house has enough packs to provide 58 channels of 600w dimming as well as 8 channels of DMX power control.

Elation DP-DMX-20L 4 Channel (1200w/channel. 2400w total, 1,2 or 4 channel operation)
(2) Elation PP-DMX-20L 4 Channel Power Control (non-dimming 1200w/channel. 2400w total, 1,2 or 4 channel operation)
Lightronics AS-40D 4 Channel (600w/channel, 2400w total)
Lightronics AS-62D 6 Channel (1200w/channel, 4800w total)


(1) ETC SmartFade 2496 - 24 Channel, 2 Scene mode, 96 Channels in normal mode.


(6) Source Four Jr. Zoom 25-50
(1) Source Four Jr. 36 degree
(3) Selecon Pacific 23-50 degree Zoomspot
(1) Selecon Pacific 90 degree
(4) Altman 2205 Zoom Ellipsoidal
(12) Altman 65Q/165Q Fresnel’s
(8) Par 56 w/ 300w Lamps (7 used for House)
(5) Par 64 w/ 500w Narrow Beam Lamps
(2) Altman 2112 6X12
(4) Altman 2113 8x13

Use of Equipment

With the exception of the standard in-studio sound system and overhead fluorescent lighting,the use of the lighting and sound equipment contained within Spotlight Theater is limited to Spotlight staff or those technical personnel approved by Spotlight’s Technical Director who have been through a technical orientation session. No exceptions will be made.

There is a house lighting plot that covers the general performance area directly in front of the mirrors. The plot has three main areas; left, center and right with the most control in the center. All areas can be lit cool, warm or mixed. The house plot also includes four pattern washs that cover most of the playing area in both cool and warm colors.

Any alterations to the house plot, color, Smartfade patching or Yamaha Mixer patching must be restored at the end of the rental. Otherwise a $200 restoration charge will be added to your rental fee.


Please help us to keep the theatre in good condition for all uses by following these simple requirements for usage: