Admin and SQL Explorer Modules Help

Admin  Module Help

This module is the setup module .

Recommended to allow access to this module by administrator only

Functionality  to configure users and their access AUTHORIZATION.

Tip: Create Authorization groups and assign them to relevant users instead of maintaining authorizations on user level.


Expiration periods - is constant used in lease->Expiration report to determine when  term should be alerted for expiration.

Text fields for 2 languages is a text signature that will be used in all letters systems is producing.

Currency is currency that will be used in all letters systems is producing.

Setting of 4 letters system is producing. Note each letter can be configured to be bilingual to support regional requirements (for example in Province of Quebec of Canada 2 languages are mandatory to issue any legal document).

To find the reports to be configured consult screenshots below:

Invoice Active

Lease detailed View - (Active tab)

Invoice terms

Lease detailed View  - (Terms Tab)

Letter lease extension 

Lease detailed View  - (Terms Tab)

Receipt Payment 

Lease detailed View  -(Payments Tab)

Functionality to configure business settings and reports text of the application .

Note in order to application to operate correctly at least one active entry should be set for each of the configuration  tables. It is possible to have more than one configuration record but system will always select the active one with highest id.

Functionality to upload initial content from excel files to table models.

Tip: Done on initial implementation stage only if at all. Requires understanding of table structure. Consult “Explore Data” module for Schema and tables content verification.

Functionality of admin part  for “Explore Data” module. Allows to view and create report queries.

Tip: create queries directly from “Explore data” Use Explored Functionality only to list existing queries.

Functionality to create periods used to rent leases.

Note: This data is a core data for the system critical to be created once during implementation.
Tip: Since entering the periods relays on auto complete, it is critical to give correct names to the periods. For example “2017 May” is a good naming convention . When May 2017 might be less convenient format for the input.

Functionality that can be used to create activation keys and manually activate users of the system.
Tip: Since this type of system does not require high quantity of users, It is recommended to create and maintain users manually from Authorization module.


Functionality to generate Mater Data used by the system

Buildings - all buildings where rental units are located

Units - all Units that are  actually rented.

Extras - extra services added to the lease (parking, storage mainly)
Propertytypes - properties that can be added to each unit for maintenance module (electrical board, Counter, Floor, Paint, AC etc.)

SQL Explorer Module Help

RUM system is using standard sql Explorer django package.

For details refer to :


Note: Security Alert  - SQL Explorer is basically SQL interface to your database and might be potentially risky to have. It is not mandatory for RUM systems  it just a open tool to create custom reports. We can install software without this tool or we can just remove the link from the menu. (hidden link).

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