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Velhas Virgens launching new beer

The second beer launched by ‘Velhas Virgens Rockin’Beer’ is in the style of the Belgian Witbier, light and refreshing, perfect for summertime.

Beer with Rock’n’Roll, a recipe for success, at least for the Velhas Virgens band. Aiming to bottle the soul of Rock, this band from São Paulo brings out the second product in their line of personalized special beers. This time the new beer is a Witbier, Belgian style.

Velhas Virgens Whitie Rockin’Beer is an extra pale beer, with an alcoholic level of 5.2%. The bass player (and homebrewer) of the band, Tuca Paiva, responsible for this recipe, adds: ‘Our Whitie Rockin’Beer is a pale beer which follows the Belgian wheat beer fabrication process, usually spicy. In our case, the choice was to add not only coriander seeds but also “limão cravo” peel (also known as Rangpoor lime, which grows in the Brazilian countryside). The natural acidity of the wheat beer combined with the citric touch from the lime and with the low alcohol content makes it an extremely refreshing beer, especially good for the summer weather and for harmonizing with fish and seafood dishes’.

The band welcomes 2013 with this special launch, light enough for the hot summer months. Velhas Virgens is currently on tour with Carnavelhas, their Carnival-themed show.

Unlike other bands who launch commemorative beers with a limited distribution, Velhas Virgens Rockin’Beer – produced in partnership with Invicta Brewery from Ribeirão Preto – is here to stay and already a success in sales. The first beer, launched in April 2012, is Velhas Virgens Indie Rockin’Beer, in the style of the India Pale Ale (IPA), full-bodied and with high fermentation. Its production has reached the 6th batch, and around 25.000 bottles have been already sold throughout Brazil.

Velhas Virgens is investing heavily into the gourmet beers market, and the two labels are available for purchasing on the band’s website, in specialized beer houses and selected bars.

Velhas Virgens’ alcoholic rock’n’roll is now well accompanied with two choices of beer, available to the general public and to band members themselves, who can happily consume part of their own beer production.

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