The Chronicles of Magic

Chapter 2: Friend or Foe

By the time it was morning, the next day, Will had made up his mind. He was going to go, even if there were too many dangerous things that could happen to him. He couldn’t let Charlandia die. But that wasn’t the only reason why. Will might have seemed very courageous, be he had been hiding something. If he was able to go there and back, he would probably be famous (even more than he is now).

At breakfast he told the royal king about decision. His Highness was about to call some of his most fierce warriors to protect him, but Will insisted he didn’t and that he save them for a war or even dangerous circumstances. He said that if there was anything he could learn about the last two expeditions (besides where the jades were), was that too many people probably creates a large aura that attracts bad things.

The first time, there were twenty-five people that went, and only two came back. The second time they went with thirty-five people and no one came back. So it would be best to go with less people. One person, might probably pass off as a hallucination. Will was going to also take his pet, Noksuun. Noksuun was an abandoned baby North Doltenian Ocean Tide Dragon, also known as a Whirlpool Dragon. Whirlpool Dragons are extremely rare. There are only thought to be 10 all over the world.

“You’re taking your dragon?” King Charles asked, concerned.

“Yeah,” Will replied, “we’re a team now, ever since his abandoning.”

“Alright,” the King said fairly, “Come into the lab chamber for your poison veno- I mean strength serum.”

“Wait, poison venom?” Will said cautiously. He motioned to Noksuun and he shot out a small blue ball of light and water mixed together with his mouth.

The king tried to dodge it but missed. His skin rippled and when the effect went away, he revealed himself as none other than Avillio.

“Avillio!” Will exclaimed, “but I thought you were dead!”

“I was!” Avillio screamed, “remember my sidekick who turned me into a cyborg, well he killed a dragon and sacrificed himself with the heart.”

“Of course,” said Will, “You can sacrifice a life to give a dead person life with a dragon’s heart.”

“But where’s King Charles?” Will questioned.

“Oh, you already saw him yesterday when he assigned you a the quest, but I killed him yesterday by putting the poison venom in his dessert,” explained Avillio, “remember, you left dinner early.”

“You mean King Charles is dead!” Will repeated, not believing the news. He also felt guilty about leaving early, but he tried not to think about the reason he did. The King had become such a close friend and he was the most beloved and respected King that Charlandia had ever worshiped. And the fact that he was murdered by none other than his archenemy, quenched his thirst for revenge. It should be noted that Will and Avillio go way back. There is a huge backstory, but that’s for another time.

“You’re lying,” Will concluded, “you’re just tricking me.”

“No, it’s true. But, remember a life for a life,” Avillio reminded him, then glanced to Will’s right. Then Will realized why Avillio had come. He wanted Noksuun’s heart. He killed the King to play on Will’s emotions, then he would use me to get to Noksuun, but instead of helping to revive King Charles, he would use him for some evil purpose. Will was filled with fury, so he decided to With that, he threw Noksuun into the air.

Noksuun soared and made his way to the throne. He glowed with a blue light around him and three objects hidden around the throne made their way to Noksuun covered in the same blue glow. The objects were the map, a vial filled with red fluid, and a half silver half gold sword.

Noksuun flew over to Will with the objects floating beside them, and then dropped them on Will. Will caught the vial and the map but couldn’t reach the sword. Avillio reached for the sword, but Noksuun spit a ball of blue flame at Avillio’s right arm. The burn stunned Avillio just long enough for Will to reach back for the sword. Will jumped out the window and Noksuun followed dodging the shattered remains of the glass.

“Nooo!” they could hear Avillio cry from a distance, but it was too late now, Will was already heading into a nearby forest.

Will glanced back constantly, the castle was still in sight, and he knew he should go back. If Avillio manages to successfully pose as the king while Will was away, he may not return to the same place he called home.