Due to Covid-19 LMTC is awaiting approval to restart leagues and social events at this time.  Please review the protocols before you come down to play.  They need to be strictly enforced. Thank you for your patience through the last months.  Please remember to bring your own water.  The drinking fountains must be turned off for now.


Check latest updates on weather and court closures by going to our phone message at 619 469-3232


Just a reminder that with the rains comes muddy premises.  Please do not go out to fetch a ball beyond courts.  It is very muddy even though it doesn't look like it.  Then when you come back on the courts it ruins play for everyone.  Once the mud is on the  courts its there to stay until the next rain.  That is why the outside court gates are always locked. (besides rattlesnakes etc).  If you need a ball please call staff at front desk at 619 469-3232 and if possible they may be able to get the ball.  Please pass this to all your students.

We have a Lost and Found.  Check the box at the front desk for all your lost items.

*Weather changes this season have been brutal on courts.  Lots of dead bees, bugs, leaves, etc on courts.  We are doing our best to keep these off the courts with daily blowing and sweeping.         

*Used balls- Is your bag getting weighed down with used balls?  Don’t know where to put them?  Please refrain from throwing them in the trash cans!  We can use them for many occasions.  We have a ball bin in the pro shop that you can drop all balls in.  

*Did you know…. We have junior rackets for use if your child forgets his racket.  Just come into  pro-shop and check one out.  And we have adult loaner shoes for people that come in with the wrong shoe type as well.  

*Don’t forget……  we have our own AED (automated external defibrillator) inside the door of the clubhouse.  Call 911 from our landline and get the AED down to the courts.  Our entire staff is CPR/AED certified and can assist.