Where are they going?

A lonely looking boy with only his drum was tightly wrapping his arm around him, trying to keep himself warm while the damp cold sea was blowing on him. Suddenly the boy got up and started walking lightly suddenly the boy came across a fox! a fox? As the fox slowly stood up, the boy’s eyes and mouth widened in shock.

As the fox come out the boy sighed with relief, “it’s only a girl” and another girl came behind her and followed the boy. where was the boy leading them?

The boy and two girls walked to find a little boy building a shelter by a tree. The little boy stepped back looking anxiously and looked down at his feet avoiding eye contact with the other. The others took a step and carried on walking slowly, as the little boy looked up and ran to catch them up. As the little boy was running the others turned around and smiled with happiness.The drummer boy jumped over a fast flowing river and reached out and held the first girl’s, hand to help her jump over the river, he reached and held the other girl's hand and lastly reached the little boys hand.They were safely over. They walked in a straight line and suddenly the line got bigger and bigger as they walked along.

The big line of children came across two young boys who were wearing baggy dull clothes standing next to a car holding fire and oil in theirs hands, about to set the car a light. The boys stopped and stared, releasing their hands as the fire and oil dropped to the ground. The boys joined the line.

The drummer boy stopped suddenly and put down his drum and layed beside a very little boy with a blue face who was laying on a stone. Was he died? or was he sleeping? The others laid down to, and all fell asleep in a sudden. A little girl reached out to hold the drummer boys hand, so that she felt safe.


The sky was golden. The children walked and walked.

The drummer boy suddenly stop and banged his drum,boom boom boom.He dropped his drum and starting running towards a hill edge in the distance, the other children followed behind. The girl with the fox hat chucked it behind her. The little boy was running slowly behind, he dropped his mouth and stared at the drum roll.


The drummer boy reached the edge of the hill and jumped!  will the drummer boy fall down into the deep cold looking sea?

It's like magic the drummer boy is flying like a bird. where was he heading, leading the other children to?

In the distance behind the mist was a little island. Was that where he was taking them?