Mullan Road Conference Maps

     Here are some maps that may help you find your way to the 2013 Mullan Road Conference. There are really two locations you need to know in advance: the location of Bill Youngs’s house in Cheney, where there will be an opening reception Friday night, and the location of the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (MAC) in Spokane, where the conference presentations will be taking place on Saturday. Saturday night’s dinner with Ryan Shaw’s presentation will be back in Cheney, and the Sunday road trip will originate in Spokane and Cheney, but you will get information on those events later. For the moment to find the rendezvous points in Cheney and Spokane, here is what you need to know.

First, the map below shows the locations of Cheney and Spokane in relationship to each other. They are about 15 miles apart.

The next image shows the location of the Holiday Inn in Cheney, which has some conference rooms, and the general location for my house. Coming in from Spokane, you will take exit 271 off Interstate 90, drive five miles, and come to the Holiday Inn on the outskirts of town. If you come in from the west, take exit 257 off of Interstate 90, drive through town and there is the Holiday Inn.

If you want to stay in the Holiday Inn, call 509-235-1100 and ask for the Mullan Conference rate.

If you want to come to my house for the reception and supper on Friday night, May 3, here are the directions. Basically it is Interstate 90 to Exit 271, to Highway 904, to Betz Road (at the Holiday Inn corner), to Washington Street (Betz becomes Washington at the big curve), to the top of the hill and then left on Cedar Street, then two long blocks and turn left on 9th street, to the top of the hill and my house at 311 North 9th Street. If you get lost, you can call me at 509-499-0595.

Note: if you want to visit the Washington State Digital Archives in Cheney on Friday at 4:00 before the opening reception at the home of Bill Youngs in Cheney, here is the location. The top red circle is the Youngs house, and the circle below is the Digital Archives building in Cheney.

The address is 960 Washington Street in Cheney.


On Saturday, here is the location of the Northwest Museum of American Arts and Culture. The red dot marks the spot, and the location is 2316 West 1st Street. We meet here Saturday morning as specified in the conference program.