Obtaining a Substitute

Teachers and Aides,


I will be the substitute coordinator for the 2016-2017 school year.  Below are bullet points for obtaining a substitute.

 The following is an excerpt from the Teacher’s Handbook:




Should the occasion arise that a substitute teacher is needed the request must be made through the Substitute Coordinator. The Substitute Coordinator will contact the substitute and make the proper arrangements with them.


In no instance shall the teacher obtain their own substitute. Teachers must have prepared materials that are suitable for the substitute to teach. Should the class be one that involves labs (i.e. science, art, home economics) then special lessons created just for substitutes must be available. Substitutes must not be left in charge of lab experiences!


A substitute packet with lesson plans, class schedule, seating charts, classroom rules and any other helpful information shall be on the desk at all times.


When the need for a substitute arises outside of school hours, contact the Substitute Coordinator.


Each teacher should have a Substitute Teacher’s Folder in which they will place the needed items for the Substitute Teacher. Please have this folder on your desk at all times. I’m looking forward to a good school year!





                                                                                        Beverely Jeffrey

                                                                                        Substitute Coordinator