Episode 159- Boat Camp

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Nemesis (@NemesisPrime1)

Alca7raz (@Alca7raz_)

Quick Hits

Fandom & Other:

  1. A E S T H E T I C:
  2. The Ponies At Dawn: Voyager album will be out on October 8th:


  1. A Pinot Noir blind bag figure appeared on Taobao:
  2. The Gameloft MLP game recently received a Crystal Empire update:
  3. Commercials for the Friendship is Magic Collection and Guardians of Harmony have been released:
  4. Spike and Cheese Sandwich are now available on Amazon:


  1. Hasbro has officially announced the first Guardians of Harmony comic. It will be available December 1st digitally and physical copies will be available in February 2017:

Friendship is Magic:

  1. It appears the UK will be releasing the last four episodes of season 6 early (It appears this is no longer the case):


Another comic has come out this week! It’s Friendship is Magic #46. And it’s the beginning of an election story. How timely! There’s some slight differences of opinion here, but nothing huge. We’ll have to see how the story pans out next month with issue #47.

Nemesis and Alca7raz then talk about “P.P.O.V!” They actually quite enjoyed this one. And how could they not, what with a pirate Applejack. And Rarity in an outfit from Titanic. Plus some of the goofy jokes.

And finally, “Legend of Everfree!” The 4th Equestria Girls movie. There was actually a lot here. So much, in fact, they couldn’t fit it all in. They’ll get back to it… eventually. But they did hit some of the major things, including the new powers, the sequel hooks, and Timber.

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