Coding Resources

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of giving instructions to a machine to control its actions.  Languages include Java, HTML, Python, and many others.

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        Hour of Code official website

Hour of Code Activities - Activities are sortable by grade level and coding experience K-8 Instructor’s Curriculum Guide PDF - Nice resource for K-5 teachers new to teaching beginning computer science. Includes unplugged activities to try before the online programs are used.

Article: Add Coding to Your Elementary Curriculum...Right Now

Article: Coding for Kids Revisited

Article: Life After Hour of Code

Early Elementary



Buiding a Starwars Galaxy

Angry Birds - Grades 2+

Code with Anna and Elsa - Grades 2+

Code Studio: Course 1 - Grades K-1

Code Studio: Course 2 - Grades 2-5

Play Lab - Classic, Gumball and Ice Age - Grades 2+

Kodable - Grades K-5

Scratch Jr. iPads and Android tablets

Move The Turtle - Screenshot

Daisy The Dinosaur - iPads

codeSpark Academy with the Foos - Online, iPads & Android tablets - Grades K-2

Program a “Human Robot” - Unplugged Activity

Upper Elementary


Kodable - Grades K-5


Star Wars Galaxy Hour of Code

Minecraft Hour of Code

Flappy Bird Hour of CodeIntro Video

Disney’s Infinity Play Lab

Tynker Hour of Code - Many options for Beginners to Advanced

Code Studio: Course 2 - Grades 2-5

Code Studio: Course 3 - Grades 4-5

Made with Code - Geared toward girls

Google CS First - Ages 9-14

Create Your Own Google Logo

LightBot Hour of Code - Online, iPads and Android tablets

Hopscotch - iPads

Cargo-Bot - iPadsAlice Spanish Splash Screen

Middle School/High School


An Introduction to Scratch - Guide for teachers

Starwars Galaxy Hour of CodeLED Dress

Minecraft Hour of Code

Flappy Bird Hour of Code


Snap!Hour of Drawing With Code

Made with Code - Geared towards girls

Made With Code: Projects

Made With Code: More Projects

Google CS First - Ages 9-14

CodeCombat screenshot

Code Studio: Course 4 (see previous courses if needed)

Khan Academy Hour of Code

Khan Academy Computer Programming

Code Academy 

Fantastic Contraption - requires flash

Hour of Code with Microsoft Touch Develop

Hello Processing Hour of Code