• Back to CFQ I/O scheduler

• Enabled back sdcardfs

• Kernel updated to Render's R8T2

• Kernel merged with LAOS (many f2fs changes that hopefully will fix the freezing issue)

• Kernel compiled with UBER 6 toolchain

• In-call volume bumped a bit

• Blobs updated to OB20/OB11

• Included firmwares updated to OB20/OB11

• Few small device tree cleanups


• AEX updated to 4.4 android 7.1.2_r24 /see AEX changelog for the release/

• Kernel updated to Render kernel R7T16 with few additionals from me /see github/

• Default I/O scheduler set to "Maple" - After vote in the telegram group

• Apps updated /Google Camera, Chrome, Substratum/

• OnePlus Camera and Gallery updated to OB19, renamed and with new icons to be easily recognisable /Camera-O² and Gallery-O²/

• Fixed RAW capturing in OOS Camera

• Updates from OB19

• All blobs updated to OB19/OB10

• Device specific firmware flash - You don't need to search for the right firmware anymore! (This will flash the needed firmware depending on your variant (3/3T) during the ROM installation) /Credits to AOSPA/

• Bootanimation optimizations

• New custom Bootanimation /Credits to sLimba a.k.a. rakpere/

• Prefer VOLTE if available

• High Brightness Mode Quick tile

• Schedutil tweaked for better performance

• Removed Fastdormancy

• Various other minor cleanups and device specific optimizations

• Changes picked from LAOS:

• op3: Restore original CAF gps configuration

• op3: Abandon TARGET_UNIFIED_DEVICE flag

• op3: Allow vendor init to override props

• op3: Update ramdisk to LA.UM.5.5.r1-05100-8x96.0

• op3: Update power profile from latest OOS

• op3: Automatically set bluetooth name based on rf version

• op3: Sync bluetooth configuration with CAF

• op3: Define ril-daemon normally

• op3: sepolicy: Remove old and duplicate permissions

• Revert "op3: sepolicy: Fix rmt_storage and rfs_access policies"

• op3: Add system GID to rmt_storage

• op3: rmt_storage should have wakelock GID

• op3: Drop NET_RAW and NET_ADMIN from qti

• op3: Grant netmgrd proper unix perms

• op3: Update qti telephony extension from MIUI 7.6.5 dev

• op3: Convert rf_version to integer before comparison

• ipacm: fix the heap-use-after-free issue on bootup

• IPACM: fix the security issue in ConntrackClient

• IPACM: fix security issue in querying if index

• Re-enable delete_aiding_data for user build

• op3: Adjust lmk parameters

• op3: Remove BCL hotplug disable/enable from init

• op3: Update ril header for 7.1.2

• All sources up to date
• Revert: Remove all remaining premium Qualcomm location blobs (sultanxda)
• Revert: Disable premium location services (sultanxda)
• Revert: Remove CNE and DPM (sultanxda)
• Revert: Use Google's fused location provider (sultanxda)
• Reverted some upstream AEX changes (Like the circle icons remove and different inplementation of signature spoofing)
• Kernel updated to Render R6T4
• Blobs updated to OB16/OB7 also regenerated for the latest GPS changes (Use the needed firmware/modem for your device)
• Substratum app updated to the latest one
• Fixed Alert slider issue when changing from "vibrate" to "all notifications" in some situations
• OTA is fixed now and should work fine
• Change OWM API key for this rom only (more info here: http://gerrit.dirtyunicorns.com/#/c/6497/)
• Don't override GPS settings set on a per-carrier basis (sultanxda)
• rootdir: Update fs tune from marlin (laos)
• init.qcom.rc : Add time_daemon in init.qcom.rc (laos)
• I'm absolutely sure that I forgot something, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'll add it later

• All sources synced up to date
• Disable tethering provisioning for all carriers (sultanxda)
• Remove all remaining premium Qualcomm location blobs (sultanxda)
• Disable premium location services (sultanxda)
• Remove CNE and DPM (sultanxda)
• Use Google's fused location provider (sultanxda)
• gps: Update to CAF LA.UM.5.5.r1-04000-8x96.0 (sultanxda)
• Relax WiFi re-association RSSI thresholds (sultanxda)
• Disable sdcardfs (sultanxda)
• liblights: Calculate brightness ramp automatically on init (sultanxda)
• Disable spammy camera HAL log messages (sultanxda)
• Optimize power config on boot (sultanxda)
• Remove debug/deprecated graphics props (sultanxda)
• Move Chrome to app directory (fix compatibility with full gapps packages)
• Added few more needed apps to the system app remover whitelist
• Cleaned up again the device tree from unneded and not used things
• Updated Bootanimation
• Updated Default Wallpaper (also added to AEXPapers)
• Disabled some more log spam
• Vendor files revised to be in line with the latest changes

• All sources synced up to date
• Merged AEX V4.2
• Animation scale default changed from 0.25x to 0.50x
• Equaliser fixed
• Added some apps to the filter of the new system app remover
• Keypad block when touchscreen is in use added to the kernel (thx to sultanxda, by user request)

• All sources merged up to date
• AOSP 7.1.2_r8 merged (05 May security patch)
• Updated blobs to OB15/OB6
• Latest Render kernel merged
• New OTA app (By AEX) configured for this rom
• Animation scale defaults changed from 0.75x to 0.25x
• Google Chrome & Substratum apps updated to the latest ones

• All sources synced up to date
• Many small bugs fixed (Thx to AEX)
• Kernel updated to the latest available Render branch
• Some small EAS rom side changes
• Added camera wrapper (Thx to laos) (This should fix all the 3T front facing camera issues)
• Camera HAL1/HAL3 change on the fly is now working (All camera apps should work fine now, no matter what HAL they need)
• Added latest Google camera (fully functional with 1080p/60fps and slo-mo with audio)
• OnePlusCamera fixed to work with the new camera wrapper (functionality as before)
• Substratum app updated to the latest available one
• Back to the aosp toolchain for the kernel compilation (I need to test something)
• pocket: increase proximity sensor interval from 200ms to 400ms (All credits to the AOSPA team of course)
• Maybe something small that I forgot

• EAS energy model changes for our SoC (Thx to RenderBroken)
• AEX sources up to date (Many changes, see their github)
• Some small but useful patches for our device
• OB14 blobs merged (use OB14/OB5 firmware and modem)
fingerprint instant unlock when using long press for screen off is fixed
• telephony: Hack GSM and LTE signal strength (Thx to Sultanxda)
• ROM zip name modified to be easily recognised
• ROM ASCII in updater script updated to include "Phoenix" (You'll see) (thx to @svandasek for the idea)
• Updated apns from LAOS (Thx to LAOS)
• Removed double tap and long press hw home button defaults (double tap is making the home button to be slower)

• All sources synced up to date
• AEX 4.1 based on 7.1.2_r4 officially released (Check the first post for more info or AEX github)
• Updated Phoenix bootanimation
• Few cleanups in the device tree
• Email app removed
• ROM side EAS changes (should give slightly better battery life)
• Temporary added some "extras" to the kernel till render finish his awesome job:
• Wakelock blocking (all blocked by default)
• Kcal driver
• Touch Key control driver (enabled by default, • • • ROM implementation for the button brightness fixed)
• Backlight dimmer
• Sound control
• Keypad block when touchscreen is in use
Important: You can see the kernel source in the first post, all the credits to the guys there (

• Few more ROM side EAS changes for the new kernel
• OPCamera is fixed now (no processing dialogue)
• Chrome and Substratum apps updated to latest versions

• All sources synced up to date
• Removed Forced Selinux Enforcing mode
• Selinux should work normally now (Enforcing by default of course and yes, it was a rom issue(not my fault))
• Fixed some selinux denials
• All selinux issues should be solved now (including using mods that required selinux to be permissive), but please test and report back. It was tested only with magisk and safety net passes even with "Android debugging" ON. It's also in Enforcing mode with or without Magisk Hide.

• Introducing of our own Phoenix AospEXtended website, you can find it in the download link (All credits goes to @Rakpere , THX for all your efforts man)
• All sources synced up to date
• Some kernel changes (go to the render broken github for changelog(r4t1))
• ROM version changed to 4.0B(beta) as we have everything from 4.0, but it's still not officially released
• Renamed Settings/Ambient display to "OnePlus Ambient display"
• ROM now ships with forced Selinux Enforcing mode (temporary till the cause is found)
• Some cleanups and fixes in the device tree
• Fixed Button brightness values for OP3
• OnePlusMusic app removed, we will use the newly introdused by AEX "Phonograph"

• Added new Phoenix Wallpapers (Thx to me and @Rakpere) (You can find them in AEXPapers)
• OPCamera and OPGallery icons are changed with circle ones (Thx to @Rakpere)
• Changed kernel toolchain to Linaro 6.3.1
• Unblocked some audio offload flags
• Camera code updates from OnePlus github

• All sources up to date
• Merged 7.1.1_r26 (AEX rebased on it with many repos changed)
• Fixed contacts merging (first by me in test build, now officially)
• Builds will be Odexed from now on (faster first boot, but bigger ROM size)
• Small QS tiles capped to 6 no matter the dpi used (after voting in telegram) (without breaking the calculation for higher dpi and tiles sliding(and without reverting...))
• Kernel updated to r4 t1
• Some more kernel syncing with 4.1.0
• EAS changes (mostly for better battery life, feedbacks from the tests are good, better battery without hiting the performance(some are even saying that the performance is better))
• Latest auto brightness changes are reverted (I didn't like them)
• [*Faster Fingerprint unlocking
• [*Updated German translation for "Additional buttons" and "Touchscreen gestures"

• All sources synced up to date
• Kernel updated to latest CAF tag (LA.UM.5.5.r1-03800-8x96.0)
• WiFi driver updated to latest CAF tag (LA.UM.5.5.r1-03800-8x96.0)(Should fix all the WiFi issues)
• Kernel synced with the latest changes from OOS 4.1.0
• Disabled Sweep2Sleep by default
• Blobs updated to OOS 4.1.0 (You need the latest firmware for your phone)
• OnePlusCamera app updated to that from OOS 4.1.0
• Unblocked aHDR mode in OnePlusCamera
"I'll keep the OnePlusGallery from OB12 as it have more features than the one from OOS 4.1.0"
• Auto brightness adjustments (mainly for low light)
• Few more EAS tweaks
• Updated audio properties
• Added SIM enable/disable toggle

• Kernel updated to R3T7
• Facebook Calls/Video calls are fixed now
• More EAS tweaks

• All sources synced up to date
• Added AEXOTA and configured for this ROM (The app is pretty basic, so don't expect more than notification and Download link)
• Kernel updated to R3 T6
• Fixed Camera HAL1 video recording
• Back to HAL1 by default
• Removed Google Camera and Google Photos
• Added OnePlusCamera and OnePlusGallery (From OB12 ofc)
• EAS tweaks (The whole ROM should be smoother now, but mainly improved should be the heavy apps. Should not hit the battery life much(it might be even better))
• Fixed Hotspot button greyed out for some users

• All sources synced up to date
• Removed OnePlusPocketMode
• Added "Pocket Judge" (All credits to the PA team)
• Disable the fingerprint sensor when device is in pocket (All credits to PA team)
• Added "Pocket detection" toggle in the "Display" settings menu (All credits to the PA team)
• Please keep in mind that this pocked detection will check your light sensor too, so it's not enough to cover just the proximity sensor.

• All sources synced up to date
• AEX updated to 3.3 (see the first post for the rom changes)
• Again more EAS changes

• 7.1.1_r25 with March 5 security patch
• Added rootless OMS
• OnePlusGallery changed with Google Photos
• Slimperience browser changed with Google Chrome stable (this is why this build is bigger than the previous one!)
• Kernel updated to Renderkernel R3 T3
• More EAS changes (battery life should be improved compared to the previous build)
• For more indepth info over the ROM side changes, please visit the AEX Github

• In call volume adjusting should be fixed now (updated audio HAL)
• Added sRGB toggle in "Display" menu (credits to PA team) / ON by default
• Various small updates from the OB 7.1.1
• Small updates to Doze
• More EAS changes (you may get a little bit more drain, but the ROM should be smooth)
• I've cleaned up my device tree from unneeded stuffs for this rom (May help for the FP issues)

• New adreno blobs from 7.1.1
• Camera HAL3 enabled
• OnePlusCamera changed with latest Google Camera(4.3.016 from 22 feb)
• Google Camera is fully working including Slow Motion with audio and fully working 1080p/60fps (I can recommend you to turn off the video stabilization)

• You will need the Open Beta 12(OB 3 for 3T) Firmware/Modem to pass the check and flash the rom. Also be sure to wipe cache/dalvik cache after flashing it.
• All sources synced up to date
• Kernel updated to Renderkernel R3 T2
• All blobs updated to 7.1.1(Open Beta 12)
• Adreno blobs from OxygenOS (This also fix the beauty mode in the front camera, now it's fully working)
• OnePlusCamera and OnePlusGallery updated to those from Open Beta 12(7.1.1)
• Added proximityCheckOnWake (Blocking the screen off gestures when the proximity is covered)
• Enabled Channel Bonding for 2.4GHz WiFi network
• Imported Marlin PowerHAL(all credits to @myfluxi for the initial port and @joshuous for tweaking it for our device)
• Cleanup and tweak the init.qcom.power.rc a bit (EAS changes)
• Added additional "Vibrate" and "Ring" modes to Alert slider
• Added Signature Spoofing in "Developer options" (the switch is working, but I didn't tested it with microG)

• Overall the whole rom should have better performance now, battery life needs to be tested.
• All sources synced up to date
• "Alert slider" menu renamed to "Additional buttons" and added button swap key
• Under the hood changes for better integrating of our device within the rom
• Additional EAS changes
• Removed "Eleven" music app
• I/O scheduler changed to "cfq" (was mistakenly set to "bfq")

• sRGB set by default
• Camera HAL1 enabled
• Added special OnePlusCamera app (no processing dialogue, as I'm sure it's working)
• Stock gallery replaced with the OnePlusGallery
• Stock Music app replaced with the OnePlusMusic player
• Added substratum app
• EAS support added to the rom
• Render EAS kernel included by default