Advanced maintenance training

Training details:

Class Name:

Advanced maintenance training


  4 days

Pricing: Contact Scodix Academy for details.



Israel OR Customer site

 # of participants:

 up to 5  


 Previous knowledge maintaining
prepress, press

Audience: maintenance staff / advanced operators


The course intend to get the trainee to be familiar with the press advanced maintenance process.

The trainee will participate in practical sessions, gaining valuable hands-on experience.


At the end of advanced training the trainee will be familiar with the following:

  • Advanced maintenance operations
  • Printing + troubleshooting

Class outline:

      All maintenance  topics provided in the advanced operator training

  • Motion Control structure and the internal communication method
  • Electronics Board PCB and electronics data path
  • Be familiar with SHBI system and replacing electronics boards
  • Adjust optics and capacitive sensors
  • Perform OPA Optical Printing Alignment calibration
  • Feeder home sensors adjustment
  • Printing + troubleshooting

Class will be opened per market demand