youtube distillation

“curating internet ephemera for pleasure and personal success”

~as people are coming in and sitting- screen the ‘shorts’ playlist~ 


(5 minutes)

getting the most out of youtube

(20 minutes)

things to consider:

finding a point of entry:

continuing in the sidebar:

                - avoid well-designed or flashy titles, or anything that looks overly professional

                - view count worth considering; depends, but usually vids over 2,000,000 views                 won't surprise you

                - just look for something that catches your eye--something novel, unusual,                         expressive

                -look for something surprising, that you haven't seen before

                -something that promises a lot—like, that you want to see

                -descriptive text can tell you a lot about how the video was made and the intent                 of the creator

                  -whether the person is a native english speaker

                  -whether it's like a video diary or a blog

                  -or like an industrial video

                  -or like an amateur advertisement, etc.

                -if you don't find anything good, keep scrolling

                -if you get to the bottom and don't find anything good, click at random and try                         sidebaring again or start over


  what a genre is:

        topic or a tool that results in a consistent atmosphere



        the intent behind the video:

                -raw self-expression; not art, more “sharing” ||                                                              

                -“just because”—someone took a video for themselves and put it on youtube

 because “why not” || 

                -‘art’ videos || 

-ads   || 


                sometimes for general public; other times for specialists

        -performance—songs, plays, etc. on youtube  ||                                                                               

-youtube subculture connection/participation  || 

                -polemic — political, conspiracy, opinioned, etc.    || 


                your enjoyment ~ because its awesome

-you can find like a rich vein of like a certain mode of a genre you like and                 watch for hours

                -being sensitive to these dynamics allows you to find them easily and pursue                         them when you do

the process:

snowfall (what we’ve done)

so, snowfall DESTROYS three cars is our primary project that involves this media. as I’m sure you can imagine at this point, ‘youtube night’  does not quite do the experience justice. snowfall is ;

- lost moments of the day-to-day

- peak moments of human detritus gathered most lovingly

-each screening is a result of thousands of hours of this type of digging.

-in the past, we have arranged videos into an emotionally arcing 2 hour playlist and screened through without pause.

failures of this approach

-can we use this stuff? is it holy? is it ours? are we making fun of the subjects?

the future

- taking youtube out of youtube

- the ethical questions of collage

- is something lost on the cutting room floor?

- we’re trying anyway!

~screen the first 5 minutes of snowfall 4~

thanks byeeee~~