OSM Foundation Management Team meeting

15th January 2013, 20:00 GMT



Present: Harry (CWG), Dermot (SWG), Henk, Mike (LWG), Matt (EWG), Richard W (CWG / LWG), Andy (OWG)

Apologies: Mikel (SWG), Andy (OWG) might join later

Agenda and Minutes

Minutes of previous meeting

December 20th 2012

Proposed: Dermot

Seconded: Henk


MT discussion document

No comments have been sent to Matt during the past weeks.

Dermot mentions the importance of stimulating the ordinary mappers in participating in WG’s.

RichardW mentions that the CWG want to get more information out from a human perspective. Also CWG is looking at the success-stories within WG’s (and OSM in general). It would also help to have the “dry” documents (like minutes) available on logical place.

[Andy joined the call]

The meeting wants to open this discussion to the osmf-talk.

Planning 2013

Mike (LWG)

LWG has not meet the last couple of months. The first meeting will be later this month. Will discuss about the plans for 2013.

Andy (OWG)

Last meeting OWG set up a “5 year plan” with a good and bad scenario. Focus on removing several single-points-of-failure. The plan is not public yet, but will be made public in due time.

Harry (CWG)

RichardF has just stepped down, Kate as expressed interest in joining CWG. RichardF has been working on a plan to promote OSM

CWG has a list of actions what it would like to work on.

- Internal communication (between WGs, etc.)

- Foundation website changes (Merging osmfoundation.org and OGD)

- Foundation channels / social media

- Communication policies / moderating

- Merchandise

[Andy had to leave the call]

Matt (EWG)

Discussion about splitting the to-do list out in more bite-sized actions.



Next meeting

February 12th  2013, 8pm GMT

Meeting End

Meeting ended at 21:07 GMT