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Oct 11th: Update to Sportsmanship system

Fall of Kings

Page 2: Rules and House Rules

Page 3: Army changes

Page 4: Scenario Changes
          Paint scores

          Sportsmanship scores

Welcome to Fall of Kings, the traditional autumn event for Kings of War.

We try to do a bit extra during this tournament, so we will have paint scores, sportsmanship scores plus the results count towards the final table.

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017

Adress: OMSK, Grønlandsleiret 41

Time: 10am to 8pm

Points: 2000

09:30 : doors open
10 : meeting time, morning coffee and Favourite Army voting

10:30: Game 1

12:30: 20 min break

12:50 : Game 2

14:50 : 40 min break

15:30 : Game 3

17:30: 20 min break + Vote for Favourite Opponent! (so the last round can be fought with teeth and claws out!)

17:50 : Game 4
19:50 : End, results

150 total points available:

Battle Points: 80 (4 games of 20 points)

Paint Points: 20

Players choice: 20

Sportsmanship: 15

Pre-event points: 15

We will have diplomas for: Best Overall, Most Battle Points, Best Painted, and Best Sports.


We play with core rulebook + Clash of Kings 2017 book rules.

House Rules

Boost to TC

Thunderous Charge (page 26): change to “the unit loses this bonus completely when Disordered, and when Hindered the unit loses one (1) level of Thunderous Charge”

An attempt to increase the relative value of Phalanx and decrease the value of CS, by making TC better.

Nerf to Individual Road Blocks

During your Move phase, your units can choose to move through enemy Individuals if they wish; during your Move order, you may treat the enemy individual as a friendly unit for the duration of your unit’s Move; meaning you can move through them. Also, as an exception to the normal charge rules, you may even Charge through the enemy individual (they do not block LOS so you may declare a charge on a target on the other side of the individual). If for some reason your unit would not be able to end its move completely clear of the enemy individual, then the Move is not allowed.

If an Individual wants to stop an entire regiment in its tracks, it has to kill them, not just stand in the way.

Doubles Ones; a compromise

Exceptional Morale Results; Double One – Hold your Ground (page 21).

If you roll Snake Eyes, the enemy unit is always Steady; unless you have inflicted enough damage to reach or exceed the units Routing limit (including modifiers such as Rally, War Drum, etc).  

We have earlier just counted two ones as “2” and not applied the “always steady” rule.

This was a nice way to get out of the “overkill + snake eyes” situations which were silly.

But at the same time it was a bit dull that the snake eyes counted as a “2” and no other effect. This time around, we will take a half-step back towards the original rule, giving Snake Eyes back some of their impact while still not allowing Overkill situations;


Army changes ( Rain of Kings rules )

Abyssal Dwarfs

Overmaster on Great Abyssal Dragon: Speed 8 (down from 10)


Elohi: Speed 8 (down from 10)

High Paladin on Dragon: Speed 8 (down from 10)


Order of the Forsaken: Speed 8 (down from 10)


Drakon Riders: Speed 8 (down from 10)

Dragon Kindred Lord: Speed 8 (down from 10)

Forces of the Abyss

Archfiend of the Abyss: if taking Fly, change to Speed 8 (down from 10)

Tortured Souls: Speed 8 (down from 10)

Night Stalkers

Void Lurker: Speed 8 (down from 10)


Krudger on Slasher: if taking Fly, change to Speed 8 (down from 10)


Demonspawn: if taking Fly, change to Speed 8 (down from 10)

The Herd

Lycans: Speed 8 (down from 9)

Twilight Kin

Dark Lord on Black Dragon: Speed 8 (down from 10)

Archfiend of the Abyss: if taking Fly, change to Speed 8 (down from 10)


Vampire on Undead Dragon: Speed 8 (down from 10)

Werewolves : Speed 8 (down from 9)


King on Chimera: Speed 8 (down from 10)

The Fallen: Speed 7 (down from 8)

Scenario changes ( Rain of Kings )

Unit Strength chart:

0 – War Engines and Individuals

1 – Heroes, Monsters, Troops

2 – Regiments

3 – “Small Hordes” : Large Infantry Hordes, 50x50mm Large Cavalry Hordes

4 – “Big Hordes” : Infantry & Cavalry & 100x50mm Large Cavalry Hordes

Paint Scores system

5 points: every model is painted (no regard to quality)

5 points: the army looks finished (all models painted and based)

5 points: the army has an overall theme

5 points: most units are multibased

Players choice voting: every player gets to vote for the 3 armies they like the most. There are no set criteria for how or why you choose your favourites - it’s completely up to you!

Each point received gives a player +2 point to the total paint score. You can not vote for yourself. Max 20 extra points can be recieved in this manner.


At the end of Round 3, each player ranks their opponents. The player marked as your Favourite opponent gets 5 points per vote toward Overall, Runner Up favourite opponent gets 3 points per vote toward Overall, and the last one of the three gets 1 point. (The opponent in your 4th and last round is naturally a chump which deserves no bonus points.. ) ;) ;)

Pre-event points

5 points: Payment made before the end of wednesday 11th October (NOK 200 : Vipps to 61579 or bank to 1594.11.74148 : mark with name!)

5 points: Army list submitted before the end of wednesday 11th October (send PDF to fred.berthelsen(at)

5 points: arrive at the venue no later than 10 in the morning