Compiled Scrolls from  2011 AUNE Food Access Forum

Archived By: KSC Dietetic Intern Stephanie MacLeay 2016

Note: Many of the ideas/ thoughts written on the scrolls were not always legible and were often incomplete thoughts. Based on the questions that were asked and what was written I extrapolated which ideas came from which questions and attempted to synthesize the ideas so they would make sense for future readers. The following is the best organization / synthesis of the ideas that were written on the scrolls that I could come up with.

  1. Accessibility regardless of age/through all phases of life: What roles are  young people and seniors already playing in making food more accessible? How can we ensure their voices, creativity , skills and energy are an essential part of growing an accessible food system ?

  1. Accessibility to the Conversation: Who is not at the table? Who should be at the table? How might we extend the table to them? Why are we at a table at all… perhaps we could meet in the lawn or sit on the floor?

  1. Accessibility in food cost: How can we best ensure that all consumers have access to healthy, affordable food? How do we as a community best ensure regional farmers receive a fair return for their products?? How can we work with existing food access programs (e.g federal aid programs for families/schools, local food assistance programs/organizations to increase the quality and nutritional value of food?

  1. Accessibility to Food: How can we make food more accessible to people where they live (and/or study, work, play)? Where do people in our community get their food? What are the geographic barriers (e.g. transportation, distance to markets, etc.) and how can we address them in our community?