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Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten

238 W Grant Line Road

Tracy, Ca 95376

Dear Parents,

Tracy Learning Center is honored to welcome your family to the Pre-Kindergarten Program.  We offer an affordable and flexible, full day program to meet the needs of working families while providing a safe learning environment for children following the high quality standards of the Primary Charter School, Discovery Charter School, and Millennium High School.  The early years of your child’s education will be filled with many opportunities to explore materials and activities which promote independence, self expression and creativity.  Your child will engage in meaningful exchanges with their peers, learn to identify self, interests and responsibilities, and begin or continue utilizing language and brainstorming to problem solve.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that children are competent human beings with the ability to understand what is needed to move through daily routines successfully.  Teachers and classroom areas invite children to explore materials and relationships in an effort to better understand the world around them in the areas of language and literacy, mathematics, social sciences, and dramatic arts.  As teachers gently guide children through small group instruction, each has the opportunity to explore at their own level of understanding for successful mastery.

Our program goals include providing natural opportunities for children to actively engage in the classroom, build upon the foundation needed to be successful throughout each day, and provide each child with the opportunity to understand themselves, their relationship with learning, and their responsibility as a member of a classroom community. The Pre-Kindergarten Core Curriculum Program provides a balance of learned instruction with free choice exploration, both indoor and outdoor.  We believe that utilizing primary care giving enables teachers and children to form strong, meaningful relationships built on trust and understanding.  This style of teaching also allows peers in each group the time necessary to learn about and understand each other over a period of time, growing positive relationships slowly.  Primary care teachers identify each child’s unique learning style and records progress daily, while providing parents and guardians with accurate and detailed information regarding assessment throughout the year.

Thank you for choosing Tracy Learning Center for your family.  We look forward to sharing the first years of building relationships, classroom experiences, and discovery of learning with you and your children as they prepare for Elementary education.  We consider your family a part of ours, and welcome any questions or feedback at any time.


Vanessa Parrish

Director/Program Lead


Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Program

 Policies and Procedures


Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten operates Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:00am – 6:30pm.  The program offers families three (3) classroom time choices; Full Day 6:00am – 6:30pm, Core Curriculum 8:30am – 3:30pm, and AM Core Curriculum 8:30 – 11:30am.  The program also offers extended care; Breakfast Club 6:00am – 8:30am and/or Snack Club 3:30pm – 6:30pm.  

Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten is for children ages 3 – 4 years old AND fully potty trained.

The Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten program admits students of any race, color, or ethnic origin, and from any geographical region, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students in our program.  The Tracy Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies or in other school administered programs.

Our program itself offers a combined age group classroom of three and four year olds.  Enrolled children are initially assessed for the first 60 days using the Desired Results Developmental Profile and then placed into one of four primary caretaking groups based on developmental range.  This ensures each child the ability to learn and explore within a small group of peers at or near the same developmental range.  It also allows the primary caretaker to individually tailor curriculum to meet the needs of each child.

Prior to your child’s attendance at Tracy Learning Center, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Parent interview to determine child/children’s needs and schedule placement.

  1. Parents must complete and/or read the following forms: (forms in this handbook are for review, copies of forms to be signed with Director will be provided.)

_______Fill out and sign Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Application

_______Fill out and sign Admissions Agreement

_______Fill out and sign Identification and Emergency Information (LIC700)

_______Fill out and sign Child’s Preadmission Health History-Parent’s Report (LIC702)

_______Fill out and complete Physician’s Report-Child Care Centers (LIC701)

(Form must be completed within 30 days from child/children’s start date, including TB test.)

_______Fill out and sign Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC627)

_______Fill out and sign Tracy Learning Center Emergency Treatment Form

_______Provide current child/children’s Immunization Record

_______Fill out and sign Notification of Parent’s Rights (LIC995)

_______Fill out and sign Personal Rights (LIC613A)

_______Fill out and sign Parent Handbook Acknowledgement

3.  $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit (Applied towards first month’s tuition.


The Pre-Kindergarten program utilizes a balanced curriculum of the early childhood developmental domains, educational goals recommended to enter into Kindergarten, and children’s interests.  Each of our fully qualified teachers constructs small group curriculum daily learning instruction utilizing a variety of mediums.  Weekly learning instruction plans for each small group will be posted in the classroom and is subject to change to meet the needs of the children and the program.


Conferences are a meeting between the primary care teacher and the parents/authorized representative of the child.  The conference is the time in which teachers will discuss a child’s progress, with the supportive use of an assessment.  The assessment will contain the assessment tool itself, samples of work, and documented observations made during class hours.  Conferences are scheduled twice each year, typically in December and May.  In between, conferences may be scheduled as often as needed to discuss your child’s progress.  Parents may request a conference with their child’s primary teacher and/or the Director throughout the year, and a time that meets everyone’s schedule will be set.


At Tracy Learning Center, communication between the staff, including administration and families is vital to the success of your child’s development.  We invite families to participate in their child’s education by actively engaging with staff and administration on a daily basis.  We welcome your comments, questions and concerns, and strive to provide excellent customer service.  Tracy Learning Center has an open door policy, and welcomes visitors at any time during business hours.

Within the center, parents can locate and utilize the “Parent Communications” board to find up to date information regarding the center itself and the Pre-Kindergarten program.  Within the classroom, each family will have a “Parent Communications” folder/mailbox.  We ask that you check the board and folder upon entering the facility and again when leaving for the day.


We believe that the purpose of all children entering our Pre-Kindergarten program is to introduce them to the classroom school environment where they will have the opportunity to engage, learn, and build positive relationships with peers and staff.  We believe that all children possess the capability to self regulate, self-direct, and display socially acceptable behavior.  Throughout this process of development, times arise where a child may have difficulty working through such issues.  Tracy Learning Center strives to keep the safety and well being of each child a priority and that the rights of all children are being maintained at all times.  

We believe that children learn best through role modeling from our staff, their peers and parents.  Teachers and center administration assure equal treatment of all children and their families.  When working directly with the children, teachers provide a variety of strategies to assist children in making positive choices by:

Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten staff may never utilize corporal or unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threat, mental abuse, or other actions of a punitive nature, including but not limited to: interference with the daily living functions, including sleeping, or toileting; or withholding of shelter, clothing, medication or aid to physical functioning when implementing positive child guidance.

Teachers will make every effort to correct behaviors and maintain safety in the classroom.  When a teacher feels that additional help is required, the center Director will assist. Tracy Learning Center has the following policy and procedures in place regarding a child’s behavior.

*Violent or aggressive behavior will not be accepted at Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten and may require immediate exclusion procedures to maintain safety of all children and staff at the center.


At Tracy Learning Center, we believe that healthy habits are learned from an early age through modeling, education, and free choice.  Our Pre-Kindergarten program strives to provide children with all the tools necessary to make positive, healthy choices for themselves.  The nutrition staff at Tracy Learning Center provides well balanced breakfasts, lunches, and snacks following the guidelines, components, and quantities established by the USDA, at no extra cost to the families.  Main meals, including breakfast and lunch, and snacks will be prepared on site. On occasion, we may require assistance from our sister site located at 51 E. Beverly Place, where all meals for the K-12 program are prepared.

Our teachers introduce nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and personal care into all areas of the curriculum.  Indoor and outdoor physical activity is scheduled into our daily routines at multiple times during each day.  Teachers include creative and engaging cooking activities into small group learning instruction centers.  We believe that when children are active participants, they will strive to make healthy choices.

In addition, we require any food brought from home for children with restricted diets and special occasions be nutritious.  All food items brought to the center for special occasions must be store bought in its original container with ingredients listed.  Please ask center staff for suggestions of nutritional options if needed.


Upon arrival to the center, children will be observed for obvious signs of good health or of illness.  If your child shows symptoms such as those listed below, your child will not, regardless of circumstances,  be accepted into the center, and alternative arrangements for care must be made until your child is well.

Reasons for sending a child home or refusing any child at sign in include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Child is flushed or feverish.  A fever is considered a temperature over 98.6 degrees.
  2. Child is vomiting or has vomited in the past 24 hours.
  3. Child is complaining of pain.
  4. Child shows signs of fatigue and is unable to comfortably participate in regular school activities.
  5. Child had been exposed to a contagious disease, regardless of where exposure occurred.
  6. Child has an unidentified rash.
  7. Child has had a fever within the past 24 hours.
  8. Child has been sent home from the center within the past 24 hours.
  9. Child has been given medication to reduce a fever within the past 24 hours.
  10. Child has had diarrhea within the past 24 hours.
  11. Child’s eye(s) has drainage, crust or excessively red and/or itchy.

In an effort to keep sickness from spreading around the center, we ask that if you suspect your child is sick, please make alternative arrangements for care.  Please remember that the more we follow this policy, the less chance illnesses have to spread from children to parents and staff around the center.

If a child becomes ill during program hours, staff will follow these guidelines for assessment:


  1. Child’s temperature will be taken.
  2. Child will be made comfortable and isolated to reduce risk of exposure.
  3. Attempts by staff or administration to notify parents will be made immediately in order to inform them of their child’s condition and ask that the child be removed as soon as possible.
  4. The child will be carefully observed for changes in condition and cared for until parent or other authorized person arrives.  The staff member caring for the child will complete an illness form for the parent to sign and a copy will be given.

If a child is sent home due to an illness, the child may not return for 24 hours.  If the child was sent home with a fever, the child may not return until he/she has been fever free for a full 24 hours.  Children who have been diagnosed with streptococcal infections will be excluded from the program for 48 hours after the initial dose of a physician prescribed medication.  A doctor’s consent may be requested and required for a child to return to our program.  This is to ensure that the health and well being for all the children and staff in our facility is maintained.

If it is not possible to make contact with a parent or authorized person for pick up in a reasonable amount of time, the child may be taken to an emergency care facility for professional treatment.  At that time, the hospital staff may be informed that the legal parent or guardian was neglectful in providing the child care center with a method of contact in regards to their child.


        Tracy Learning Center strives to meet the needs of all children entering our facility.  For those children with moderate or life threatening allergies, Tracy Learning Center will ensure your child’s safety at all times.  As the parent or authorized guardian, it is your responsibility to:

  1. Provide written notification of known allergies, special or restricted diet information AND a list of symptoms to expect in the event the child comes into contact with the allergy item.
  2. A detailed step by step instruction letter of the procedures to follow in the event a child comes into contact with the allergy item.
  3. Any special food related items sent the school in place of the meals provided by Tracy Learning Center shall be clearly labeled with the child’s full name and current date on the outside of the container/bag.  All food items will be sent home each day of the child’s attendance and re-labeled for the next days attendance.  

Allergy Procedure:

Any child entering the Tracy Learning Center program must have a detailed list of all known allergies.

A list of the children and allergies will be written and posted in all food preparation areas, on classroom cabinets, and on teacher’s daily attendance rosters.  


Tracy Learning Center strives to meet the needs of all children entering our facility.  From time to time, children become ill, requiring a doctors visit.  In the event your child needs medication, we ask that the parent or authorized guardian make every effort to administer medications at home.  If this is not possible, the following procedures must be followed in order for your child to receive medication at Tracy Learning Center.


  1. All medications will be kept in a safe place inaccessible to children.
  2. Refrigeration shall be provided for medications requiring it.
  3. Medication shall only be administered in accordance to labeled instruction on original medication container.
  4. Documentation of medication given shall be kept in child’s file. (LIC9221)
  5. Record of administered date and time shall be kept in child’s file and a copy given to the parent or authorized guardian. (LIC9221)
  6. When medication is no longer required for your child, or a child withdraws from the center, all medications shall be returned to the parent or authorized guardian.  In the event that the center staff is unable to make contact with the parent or authorized guardian within a week after medication has stopped, the medication will be disposed of safely.


Administration of Medication and Medical Services:

In an effort to ensure safe and accurate administration of medication and incidental medical services, Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten has developed the following plan, which is inclusive to all children in our care. Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten will enroll children that may need services for any of the following:

Medication and Incidental Medical Services Administrative Policy:

The following requirements must be met before enrolling children who require administration of medications and/or Incidental Medical Services:

The child’s authorized representative is responsible for providing all mediations and supplies to the facility.  In most situations, children should not transport mediations to and from the facility.  This includes medication placed in a bag, pack back, etc.  Special arrangements ust be considered regarding safe transport of medications.

Facility employees may not deviate from the written authorization from the child’s physician.  Facility must have a designated trained staff that is appointed by the child’s physician on premise when the child is present at the facility.

Medications that have expired or are no longer being used at the facility should be returned to the child’s authorized representative.  If the medicine has not been picked up within one week of the date of the request, the medication must be disposed of by trained staff.

Medication Administration Procedure:

Care and Storage:  Incidental Medical Services supplies and medications in the facility should be stored in a secure, inaccessible, clean location and under conditions as directed by the physician or pharmacist.  Mediations that require refrigeration should be stored in a designated area of the refrigerator separated from food and will be inaccessible to children.

Administration of Routine for Medication and Incidental Medical Services:

Once all requirements are met, the designated trained staff will administer Medication or Incidental Medical Services by utilizing the following requirements:

  1.  Right Child
  2. Right Medication
  3. Right Dose
  4. Right Time
  5. Right Route

Documentation:  Any Medication or Incidental Medical Services routinely administered must be documented on a log by staff member who administered.  Authorized representative must be informed of each occurance when their child received medication or when Incidental Medical Services are performed, via the medication log.

If a child is administered any emergency Incidental Medical Services procedure, the child’s authorized representative and 911 must be called immediately.  An Unusual Incident Report (LIC624) must be sent to the Department of Social Services.



When, in certain circumstances, the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten program is unable to provide adequate full time facilities within licensing guidelines, it will be necessary to close the center.  Any situation of this nature will be assessed and if the service cannot be restored, it may be result in closure of the center.  In the event of a loss of power, the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten may remain open until it is determined that a safe and comfortable environment for the children can no longer be maintained (too low or too high temperature, darkness).

As soon as the determination has been made to close the center, parents will be notified of the closing time via telephone contact.  As soon as a closing time has been determined, center closing policies and fees will be in effect (Pick up/Late Pick up).


In the event of an earthquake, fire, facility flooding, or hazardous spill, the children will be taken to an evacuation location (current evacuation location is posted on the licensing board at the center).  Signs will be posted at the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten building directing parents to the evacuation location.  Parents should proceed immediately to the evacuation location to pick up their child.  The Director/Program Lead or designee and teachers will be responsible for staying with the children.  Parents will be notified as quickly as possible via telephone contact numbers after the children have been safely relocated.  If parents cannot be reached, those persons listed on the child’s emergency information and authorized pick up lists will be notified immediately.

All Tracy Learning Center staff is trained in disaster/emergency preparedness and will follow procedures given by the Tracy Learning Center, Tracy Police and Fire Departments.



Children are placed on the waiting list at the time that their application is received.  Classroom vacancies are filled based on the following order of priority:

  1. Tracy Learning Center Board Members
  2. Tracy Learning Center Staff
  3. Tracy Learning Center Student Siblings
  4. Tracy Unified District Boundaries


California’s Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division requires that the person who signs the child in and out shall use his or her Full Legal Signature and shall record the time of day.  Signature must be in ink and mistakes should be corrected by striking through with a single line and initialing.  The use of whiteout or other correction materials are not permitted.  

*To ensure the safety of all children in our program, upon signing children in and out each day, the parent, authorized guardian, or

Additional family members and persons authorized to sign the child in and out must use their Full Legal Signature and show photo identification when entering the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten campus.  Children will not be released to persons without proper ID, regardless of the circumstances.  Please ensure that appropriate authorized persons are listed on the Emergency and authorized persons pick up form.  

In the event that you require a person to drop off or pick up your child other than those listed on file, a written notice must be given to the Director prior to arrival and departure.  (Phone authorizations will not be accepted under any circumstances.)  Written notice can be given in person, faxed to the center, or via email to the center Director.


Tracy Learning Center values family privacy and wants to be sure that it protects information given by and about families.  School/Center staff may access your child’s records and health information for school purposes only.  The California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division has the right to audit children’s files and interview children without prior permission of the parents under California regulation. (Section101200)


All visitors must check in at the office prior to entering the classrooms, building space, or yard area to receive a visitor badge.  Upon leaving, visitors must check out at the office.  

Volunteers from our community are always welcome to join the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten. In order to enter into our program, volunteers must be processed for security, provide TB clearance and a statement of good health from a practitioner. A copy of a valid form of photo identification is also required.


Children may be involved in activities that require exploration/experimentation and ease of movement, both indoor and outdoor.  Please have your child dress weather appropriate, in clothing that allows your child free exploration of materials.  For your child’s safety, please send them to school in closed toe, physically active appropriate shoes.  

We require each child to have one full set of seasonally appropriate clothing in a gallon size zip lock bag LABELED with your child’s full name.  Please remember, that as the year moves forward, you may need to replace the clothing.



For our learners who will continue through the afternoon hours, state licensing requires that we provide a quiet time to rest for each child.  Each child is assigned a cot to use for the duration of time in our program.  Please bring a LABELED crib or cot size sheet, blanket, and child size pillow each Monday or the start of your child’s week at the center.  All bedding will go home on Friday or your child’s last scheduled day of attendance to be washed and sanitized.  We allow children to bring one small item from home as a comfort during this quiet time to rest, if needed.  All other toys shall be kept out of the center, unless authorized by your child’s primary care teacher during special days.


Tracy Learning Center is not responsible for any materials brought to the center in addition to the necessary materials asked for (extra clothing, bedding).  Please keep all personal items; toys, books, jewelry, money, electronics, etc at home.  Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten provides all the materials and equipment needed on a daily basis.


Tracy Learning Center strives to ensure the safety of all children throughout their journey at our center.  At this young age, we feel that it is best to provide field trips, special events, and enrichment programs on site.  Our staff has collaborated with many outside vendors to bring you and your children exciting and engaging programs throughout the school year.  A complete list of yearly events will be provided to you at the time of enrollment.  


Transportation to and from the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten program is the sole responsibility of the parents/authorized guardians and each families designated authorized pick up persons.  The staff of Tracy Learning Center may not, at any time for any reason, transport enrolled children during the center’s operating hours.  The Tracy Learning Center does not provide any form of transportation at this time.



Smoking is prohibited any where in or near the center, or on center grounds.

PERSONAL RIGHTS (The following section is taken directly from Community Care Licensing Regulations.)

Children have the right to, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. To be accorded dignity in his/her personal relationships with staff and other persons.
  2. to be accorded safe, healthful and comfortable accommodations, furnishings, and equipment to meet his/her needs.
  3. To be free from corporal or unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threat, mental abuse, or other actions of a punitive nature, including but not limited to: interference with the daily living functions, including sleeping, or toileting; or withholding of shelter, clothing, medication or aid to physical functioning.
  4. To be informed and to have his/her authorized representative, if any, informed, by the licensee of the provisions of law regarding complaints including, but not limited to, the address and telephone number of the complaint receiving unit of the licensing agency and of information regarding confidentiality.
  5. To be free to attend religious services or activities of his/her choice and to have visits from the spiritual advisor of his/her choice. Attendance at religious services, either in or outside the facility, shall be on a completely voluntary basis.  In Child Care Centers, the parent(s), or guardian(s) of the child shall make decisions concerning attendance at religious services or visits from spiritual advisors.
  6. Not to be locked in any room, building, or facility premises by day or night, except a supportive restraint approved in advance by the licensing agency.
  7. Not to be placed in any restraining device, except a supportive restraint approved in advance by the licensing agency.

PARENT’S RIGHTS (The following section is taken directly from Community Care Licensing Regulations.)

As a Parent/Authorized Representative, you have the right to:

  1. Enter and inspect the child care center without advance notice whenever children are in care.
  2. File a complaint against the licensee with the licensing office and review the licensee’s public file kept by the licensing office.
  3. Review, at the child care center, reports of licensing visits and substantiated complaints against the licensee made during the last three years.
  4. Complain to the licensing office and inspect the child care center without discrimination or retaliation against you or your child.
  5. Request in writing that a parent not be allowed to visit your child or take your child from the child care center, provided you have shown a certified copy of a court order.
  6. Receive from the licensee the name, address, and telephone number of the local licensing office.
  7. Be informed by the licensee, upon request, of the name and type of association to the child care center for any adult who has been granted a criminal record exemption, and that the name of the person may also be obtained by contacting the local licensing office.
  8. Receive, from the licensee, the Caregiver Background Check Process form.

NOTE:  California State law provides that the licensee may deny access to the child care center to a parent/authorized representative if his/her behavior poses a risk to the children in care.


Every effort is made to ensure that you and your child(ren) have a wonderful experience throughout your enrollment at the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten program.  As a parent or authorized guardian, situations may arise where immediate attention is needed.  In the event that problems arise, you may utilize the following options to seek assistance and resolution:

  1. Contact your child’s primary care teacher at the center via in person, telephone, or email.

  1. Contact the center Director/Program Lead via in person, telephone, or email.

Ms. Vanessa Parrish (209) 362-9266

  1. Contact the Executive Director of Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten program.

Mrs. Virginia Stewart (209) 831-5240

  1. Contact the Local Licensing Office:

River City Regional Child Care Office

2525 Natomas Park Drive, Suite 250

Sacramento, California 95833

(916) 263-5744

I have read and understand the policies, procedures, and all other terms listed in the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Program Parent Handbook.  I agree to follow and abide by all the policies and procedures as stated in the Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Program Handbook.

Parent/Guardian Name (Print) _____________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________

Date _________________________________________________

Director’s Name (Print) __________________________________

Director’s Signature _____________________________________

Date _________________________________________________

Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Program

Welcome to Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Program.  The first day of school is an exciting milestone in your child’s life.  Your child is embarking on a journey that will lead him or her down many roads of discovery and learning!

As wonderful as this new experience may be, it can also be an overwhelming time for your child.  For many children, this may be their first experience of separation from parents or caregivers at home.  It is common for even the most outgoing child to be anxious the first few days or weeks of school.

We have provided a few suggestions for you and your child.  Our staff is available to provide support and assistance; helping to ensure your child’s transition to school is successful.

We consider your family a part of ours, and are here to support you and your child through it all!  We are here to answer any questions you may have before or during your child’s time at the Tracy Learning Center.

Please bring the following items on your child’s first day:


The Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten Staff

Tracy Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten

Sample Menu

* 1% fluid milk and 100% juice served.

Breakfast: 6:00am – 8:00am

¾ c. fluid milk                ¾  c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk

½ c. fresh strawberries        ½ c. sliced pears                ½ c. blueberries                ½ c. apple slices                ½ c. sliced peaches

½ English Muffin                 ¼ c. cheerios                ½ waffle w/ maple        ½ slice toast                ¼ c. oatmeal

w/ jam                                                syrup                        1 scrambled egg

water                        water                        water                        water                        water

Morning Snack: One snack and 100% juice at the appropriate time approximately one-half way through the morning session.

½ c. juice                        ½ c. juice                ½ c. juice                ½ c. juice                ½ c. juice

½ c. granola                ½ c. wheat thins                ½ c. white crackers        ½ c. goldfish                ½ c. graham crackers        

¼ c. yogurt                ½ c. carrots                 ½ oz. cheese                ½ c. celery                ½ c. applesauce

½ c. banana                hummus                        ½ c. pineapple chunks        ½ oz. cream cheese        

water                        water                        water                        water                        water

Lunch: 11:30am – 12:00pm

CHICKEN PITAS                PASTA ALFREDO        HAM ROLLUPS                SLOPPY JOES                FISH STICKS        

¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk                ¾ c. fluid milk

½ round pita pocket                ¼ c. cooked pasta                ½ slice whole wheat         ½ lg. roll                1 ½ oz fish sticks

1 ½ oz cooked chicken        Alfredo sauce                tortilla                        1 ½ oz ground                ½ c. corn

lettuce & tomato                ½ c. broccoli                1 ½ oz sliced ham        turkey                        ½ c. rice

½ c. oranges                ½ c. watermelon                ½ c. green salad                ½ c. peas                ½ c. cantaloupe

ranch dressing                                        ½ c. apple slices                ½ c. pears

water                        water                        water                        water                        water

Afternoon Snack: One snack and milk at an appropriate time approximately one-half way through the afternoon session.

½ c. fluid milk                ½ c. fluid milk                ½ c. fluid milk                ½ c. fluid milk                ½ c. fluid milk

½ c. pretzels                ½ c. Nilla wafers (5)        ½ c. animal crackers        ½ c. carrots & green        ½ bagel

½ c. cucumber slices        ½ c. banana                ½ c. craisins                pepper sticks                ½ oz. cream cheese

ranch dressing                ¼ c. yogurt                                        ½ c. white crackers        and jam

                                                                                ranch dressing

water                        water                        water                        water                        water

*There are no limitations of portions available to children unless directed otherwise by parent or authorized guardian.  Children are to be offered all they can eat at breakfast, lunch, and snack time.  

           2015 - 2016

*HOLIDAYS – School Closed                *VACATION – School Closed

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - First Day of School

Monday, September 7, 2015 – Labor Day

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 – Veteran’s Day

Monday, November 23 – Friday, November 27, 2015 – Vacation

Monday, December 21, 2015 – Friday, January 1, 2016 – Vacation

Monday, January 18, 2016 – Martin Luther King Day

Monday, February 15, 2016 – President’s Day

Monday, March 21, 2016 – Friday, April 1, 2016 – Vacation

Monday, May 30, 2016 – Memorial Day

Friday, June 24, 2016 – Last Day of School