EPICS V4 Telecon 2015-03-24


1. Current Status

2. FRIB ½ Day V4 Training

   When will this be? (Suggest Friday AM)

3. FRIB V4 Developer Meeting

   When, how long     (Suggest Monday 9-5)

   Topics to discuss, expected outcomes

4. Next Hangout

   3/31: ANJ not available to chair, skip this meeting?


Present: BD, AJ, RL, MK, MS, DH, GS

Scribe: GS

AJ: For the May EPICS meeting, a draft program is needed

RL: At least you can buy lunch tickets.

===============Current status of development=======

MK: work on easyPvaCPP

AJ: how much



MS: not work on V4, channel access on Java with the new API

AJ: JCA not sufficient

MS: no


RL: @Lund to set up collaboration, nice try. ESS not use iter core system

RL: Timo said complete V4 based

DH: work doc on nt types, done with own half

MK: worried about AreaDector plugin

DH: renaming, format the AD and couple of other changes

===============FRIB meeting==================

AJ: propose V4 training on first half day,

MK: V4 overview?

BD: why not do it in the meeting?

BD: Thu afternoon?

MK: good

BD: we can put agenda together

BD: have morning session to have for example AD meeting

BD: really talking about API?

MK: yes

AJ: MK & DH need separated hours

BD: before the API, talking about services might be good before lunch on Thu or after lunch

AJ: Thu will be V4 day

DH: did not say on Fri yet

MK: make Thu as V4 day

AJ: no need for Fri “training” then

BD&AJ: start on Mon, and reserve Fri morning

RL: Bob will not host V4 meeting the following week?

BD: Correct.

BD: Will send a rough agenda for the EPICS meeting to the organizers

AJ: developer meeting should cover V4 development

AJ: @V4 developer meeting on Mon & Fri?

BD: API for pvAccess, and nt types, and services

BD: move repo to github, & like a chance to review it

DH: Java API behind CPP, Matej would look into it?

MJ: kind of making copying in Java, go with that

MK: Considering move base to github?

AJ: LP and GitHub are providing similar, not move unless have to, possible in long term

AJ: propose no meet next week. Next meeting @ Apr 7?

BD: then skip next week.

AJ: Meeting closed at 11:37 Chicago time.