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Caal For Cary Weform Campaign
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莱克星敦Cary图书馆将于2016年暑期进行比较大的内部布局调整。中文收藏将从楼下搬到楼上更显著位置, 楼下将开辟新的青少年中心供他们学习和交流,馆内科技设备也将更新,还有很多其他改进… 这个项目的预算大约是70万元。资金将在镇内通过私人募集的方式解决。莱克星敦居民30%是亚裔,而70%使用图书馆的青少年是亚裔。作为镇内人口的重要组成部分,以及图书馆的主要使用者,华人将义不容辞地参与这次筹款,做出我们应有的贡献。

莱克星敦华人协会(CAAL)专门成立了CAAL for Cary委员会负责组织这次华人捐款。我们的目标是募集至少五万美元来支持图书馆的改造。我们的口号是:“每家100元,大家有个更好的图书馆!”我们镇上大约有七、八百家华人家庭,应该说五万元的目标不是问题。但是不论多少,我们希望所有华人家庭都能参与。图书馆作为镇上的主要公共设施,参与其改造并作出显著贡献,将展示我们华人积极关注、参与社区事务,紧密团结,为社会积极奉献的风貌。这也是一个回馈社会,为孩子树立榜样的极好机会。我们也将积极争取图书馆内部的命名权,以扩大华人的影响。我们诚挚地邀请所有的华人家庭都参与进来!对于所有捐款的人,CAAL都将予以确认并表示衷心地感谢!


• 先承诺再付款:  (我们希望所有家庭都能在这登记,便于统计和公关)

• 支票请寄:CAAL, PO Box 453, Lexington, MA 02420 (请在备注行注明 “CAAL for Cary”)

• 也可通过Paypal付款 (请在备注注明 “CAAL for Cary”)

• CAAL是 §501(c)(3) 非营利组织。您的捐助可以在法律允许的范围内用来抵税。我们会在收到您的捐款后给您发感谢信,以及用于抵税的确认捐款文件。




CAAL for Cary 委员会,莱克星敦华人协会

As we all know, Cary Library is a vital community resource for our town.  Our children have grown up there, all the way from sitting on their parents’ laps for baby story-telling, to preparing their college applications in the study rooms.

Much has changed since the renovated Library was designed 15 years ago. Technology has changed the way residents use libraries. Teen congregate in the Library to share ideas and study together (70% of them are Asian). Lexington has become a more diverse community.  All of these changes contribute to the demand for more studying spaces.

Transformative Spaces, a plan to update Cary Library, will reconfigure the Library to accommodate our changing community.

- The lower level will house a new space for teens. This floor will be appropriately noisy and lively.

      - New books on the main floor will be featured under the atrium on low shelving on wheels, surrounded by soft chairs, designed to encourage browsing and discussion.  All can be easily moved aside to make a meeting space illuminated by the skylights.

     - The carefully curated Chinese Collection will come out of the basement and live on the Library’s Main Level. Collections in other foreign languages, such as Bengali, Hindi, and Korean, will join the Chinese Collection on the Main Level and have space to grow

    - Additional study rooms will be built in the back corner of the Main Level, and much more!


The plan to update Cary Library is estimated to cost about $700K and will be privately funded.  In the spirit of giving back to the community, CAAL has established the CAAL for Cary Committee. Our goal is to raise $50K from the Chinese community and we will be seeking naming rights in the updated Library.

We world like to invite every family to participate. Our campaign slogan is: “$100 per family, a better library for all”!

Below are the directions for making a donation:

• First make a pledge at:

• Make a check payable to:CAAL, PO Box 453, Lexington, MA 02420 (Note on the memo line “CAAL for Cary”)

• Pay through Paypal: (Use the Send money to friends and family function and add a note  “CAAL for Cary”)

CAAL is a §501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible. An acknowledgement letter will be sent upon receipt of donation.

We will keep our process transparent and post updates regularly.

This is our town and our library. Let’s make it even better for our children!

CAAL for Cary Committee