June 13, 2020

Dear Church Members,


On June 9, 2020 our Church Council with guidance from the Ashland County Health Department, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the Wisconsin Council of Churches decided to re-open our church for regular Sunday services beginning on June 21, 2020.  Communion will be held to celebrate our re-opening at this service.


In order for our Church to re-open we are limited to 25% of our church capacity so we can allow up to 30 people into our sanctuary allowing for social distancing.  Facemasks must be worn by all attendees.


For our members 60 and older or those that have underlying health concerns the decision to attend or staying at home is yours.  We are doing everything possible to insure everyone’s safety.  We also plan to continue broadcasting our services so you can watch them on YouTube at Mellen United Church of Christ or Facebook at Congregational UCC Mellen.  


Please review the following protocol that has been developed and will be strictly followed to keep everyone safe but yet return to some form of normalcy.

May God Be With You!

Jeff Ehrhardt


Protocol for re-opening our Church


1.   Facemasks must be worn by everyone upon entering the church.  Masks are designed to protect all other church members (Disposable masks will be available at the entrance.)

2.   Bathrooms, doorknobs, offering boxes and telephones will be sanitized before, during and after service.

3.   Bulletins will be placed on individual chairs before the service.

4.   Total attendance is restricted to 30 people. (25% of capacity)

5.   All attendees must enter the Church at the South Entrance (Parking Lot).

6.   Coats/jackets must be carried to your seat.

7.   Attendees will be directed to their seats.  The first row of chairs is reserved for families.

8.   No coffee hour before or after service.

9.   Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.

   10. No handshaking!

        11. Attendees must maintain 6 ft. social distance between non-

              immediate family members.

        12.  No singing of songs as droplets/aerosols carrying the

              Coronavirus can be easily spread.  Hum along with the song.                                     


Congregational United Church of Christ

117 West Street, PO Box 173

Mellen, Wisconsin 54546

Pastor Donald Quigley

New Church Updates:

         As we are now in our new church we are still in needs for provisions for the church.  If you wish to make a pledge to donate towards these needs, please click Here.  If you would like to donate to the general fund to help support the daily operations of the church. Click Here to fill out a donation form!