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Here is a summary of the major tech projects for this summer, in preparation for the 2016-2017 school year:

1.  On Line Back to School Verification and New Student Enrollment

-Have added a new module to Infinite Campus, allowing parents to update their contact information, student records, and emergency contacts, pay fees, and sign the handbook agreements on line.

-This eliminates the need for schools to print back to school forms, and for parents to go to school and turn in paperwork.

-Parents can officially do their verification starting August 3, and will be sent a link with the important details.

-New families are now enrolling online, instead of writing enrollment information on paper.

2.  Implementation of Its Learning, the new learning management system

-After a thorough review and adoption process last semester, Its Learning is now in deployment phase, with training teachers to use the digital classroom and curriculum management features.

-Some curriculum is being uploaded, while other curriculum will be written into the new system over the next several years.

-The system is being integrated into existing district systems for data sharing and single sign on user account access.

3. Expansion to the high school of the 1-1 Chromebook deployment

-Training for high school teachers started in January

-2000 Chromebooks and cases have been purchased

-High school and college students are prepping the Chromebooks for delivery

-Computer labs and student computers are being removed from the high school

-Used computer sale are being sold to the public by pre-ordering.

4. Maintenance of 1-1 Chromebooks for grades 6-9

-All student assigned Chromebooks were collected in June

-All Chromebooks have been cleaned, inspected, and repaired if necessary

5.  Chromebook Kickoff on Aug. 22-29, for grades 6-12 (excluding Prairie Phoenix Academy)

-Students will schedule a time to attend

-Students will pick up Chromebooks at Patrick Marsh

-Students will have their photo taken, get their school ID

-Students will get bus route assignments

6.  School preparations for new school year

-Replacing 325 computers

-Cleaning and repairing SmartBoards, projectors, and other classroom technology

-Preparing new 5th grade classrooms at Prairie View and Patrick Marsh

-Preparing 1 set of Chromebooks for each 5th grade classroom

-Training new teachers at Camp Cardinal

-Delivering Chromebooks to new teachers

-Developing and enhancing MakerSpaces in all schools for opportunities for student design and creation

7.  Network and Internet Upgrades

-Replacing all core network switches in the schools and District Office

-Installing high capacity wireless access points (WIFI) in the High School Field House, commons, and PAC

-Doubling the district's Internet bandwidth

8.  Sharing our District's technology expertise with others

Last Year:

-EdCamp Madison is held in Sun Prairie

-Hosted the Google Apps for Education Summit at the High School

-EdCamp Leader was held here in July

-District tech staff presented at ISTE, CoSN and WISEdata Conferences

-District tech staff have upcoming presentations at the Madison Power Up Conference, the Games and Learning Society Conference, and the SLATE Conference.

That's all I can think of for now!