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A graduate of New York University's Museum Studies program - Chris Romero combines research and artistic activities to create paintings, books, exhibitions, public happenings, and media art. His work is informed by everyday hopes and anxieties found in a technologically saturated world. He is especially interested in digital culture, videogames, and animation. The results of his work are often irreverent and humorous, crossing genres and disrupting the rigid notions of what art is or can be. He is especially interested in working with emerging artists, producing unusual and unconventional projects, and cultivating cross-cultural and geographic exchange.



Master of Arts, Museum Studies, New York University

Thesis – Long March Restart: The Acquisition, Display, and Conservation of Video Games

Coursework: History of Museums, Museums and Contemporary Art, Museum Conservation and Contemporary Culture


Bachelor of Arts, Art History; BA, Communications, Stockton University

[honorary BA in Studio Art (painting)]

Thesis – Kandinsky: Compositions I – X

Coursework: Art History I-II, Early Modern Art, Modern Art Since 1950, Avant-Garde Film, Web Design, Painting I-II



National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (Sep - Dec 2017)

Researched media art and digital culture in Seoul for a continuation of the “Window Sessions” project organized in Tokyo. Created two artworks “Work-Life Balance” and “Romero Shop”.

3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (Oct – Nov 2016)

Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo (Sep 2016)

“Window Sessions” is a web-based research project that investigates emerging media art and cultural activities in Tokyo. Research includes artist interviews, essays, and other forms of documentation. An exhibition in conjunction with the project featured emerging U.S. and Japanese artists.

Solo Projects

Romero Shop, MMCA Changdong (Oct, 2017)

Romero Shop was a one-day relational performance and installation in which I sold various products ranging from the mundane to humorous. Subverting marketplace and artist studio, the shop commented on my relationship to American capitalism, Latin-American bodega shops, and digital culture. Objects were sold with an accompanying text that referenced video game terminology.

Work-Life Balance,  MMCA Changdong (Sep-Nov, 2017)

A series of paintings made from September - December 2017 during a residency at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul. At the end of the residency paintings were given away to friends and strangers. The artwork title references the dualities I see in my life between curation and artistry, keeping materials and giving them away, and labor versus leisure.

Mecha Mecha, 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Nov, 2016)

A display of paintings on scrap wood influenced by my experiences in Tokyo. The paintings reflect a shift in my work as a curator and documentarian into a practice informed by expression rather than research.

Ephemera, 3331 Arts Chiyoda (Oct, 2016)

Presented an archive of content acquired during the Tokyo Window Sessions project including digital photography, video, and paper materials (receipts, museum tickets, flyers, and drawings from artists).

Group Exhibitions/Fairs

Recent Work Gallery, This Weekend Room, Seoul, South Korea (2018)

Taipei Art Book Fair, Taipei, Taiwan (2018)

New York Independent Art Book Fair, New York, USA (2018)

Collaborative Artworks/Public Interventions

The Internet Yami-Ichi in New York II, Knockdown Center, New York (Nov 6, 2016)

Produced a second New York edition of an Internet themed flea market with Japanese artist duo Exonemo and artist collective IDPW.

The Internet Yami-Ichi in Tokyo III, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (Oct 16, 2016)

Tokyo’s third iteration of an “Internet-ish” flea market. The event took place during the Japan Media Arts Festival. During the event I presented live drawings of internet memes and DVDs of YouTube Videos.

The Internet Yami-Ichi in New York, Knockdown Center, New York (Sep 12,  2015)

Produced the first Internet Yami-Ichi in America with Japanese art duo Exonemo and internet art collective IDPW. The flea market featured over 120 artists and 1,200 visitors. Originating in Tokyo in 2012, the market has travelled all over the world.

Professional Experience

Administrator for Regional Affairs, Office of Alumni Affairs, Princeton University (Dec 2016 - Sep 2017)

The Office of Alumni Affairs works to inform, inspire and involve Princeton’s global community of 90,000 undergraduate and graduate alumni around the world. Provided broad based support to regional and international activities. Supported alumni volunteers in approximately 150 regional associations, with events, programs, and communications. Managed logistics for several Presidential events taking place around the world involving event invitations, registrations, logistics, signage, materials and briefing documents.

Associate Director, bitforms gallery, New York (Sep 2012 – Aug 2015)

Organized exhibitions and as an artist liaison focusing on the discourse of new media culture. Coordinated logistics for exhibitions and art fairs, maintained biographical information on represented artists, produced press releases, and created installation guides. Managed all aspects of the gallery’s website, including HTML updates, aesthetic changes, and artist documentation. Informed press of upcoming exhibitions, facilitated the gallery's Internship program, and managed social media accounts.


Curatorial Assistant and Archivist, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York (Mar 2012)

Thematically and chronologically archived ephemera, ranging from musical arrangements to letters, for the permanent exhibition “Charles Ives Studio” in conjunction with ISG Productions.


Media Art Collection Intern, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York. (Jun – Dec 2012)

Authored and revised EAI’s internal and online web resources related to the display and installation of video art.


Collections Curatorial Intern, Museum of the Moving Image, New York (Jan – Jun 2012)

Developed an acquisition proposal and history of exemplary and unique video game consoles in the United States and Japan. Produced bibliographic information related to the technological overlap of military and media industries.


Research Assistant, Department of Architecture and Design, Museum of Modern Art, New York (May 2012)

Assisted curatorial staff in the selection and challenges of acquiring and displaying video games as design objects.


Research Assistant, Department of Conservation, Museum of Modern Art, New York (Jan – Apr 2012)

Documented, alongside a computer programmer, the nature and longevity of a digital borne artwork’s source code. Provided curatorial insight on the artwork’s installation, exhibition history, iconography, and aesthetic qualities.

Curatorial Intern, Department of Media & Performance Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York (Sep – Dec 2011)

Under the guidance of former Associate Curator Barbara London, compiled data for MoMA’s sound art digitization project – the conversion of artist made LPs, CDs and cassettes into digital formats. Researched the work of artists like Yasunao Tone and Carsten Nicolai; drafted an exhibition proposal pertaining to sound art.



Forever Fornever, Rhode Island College, Providence (Oct 5 - 28, 2017)

The exhibition proposes that the virtual and real are no longer separate. Technological advancements have become so embedded in our daily lives that we often cannot separate our digital personas from our physical bodies.

Forever Fornever: Online, The Wrong Biennale, online (Oct 5, 2017 - Dec 25, 2018)

A virtual space will be created that features the work of ten digital artists who identify with “Islands” literally and metaphorically. The theme is inspired by my Puerto Rican heritage and interest in Japan, two modern island communities of different size and identities.

ASDFGHJKL;’, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (Nov 1 - 30, 2016)

Presented online and at 3331 Arts Chiyoda, the exhibition features a crossover between emerging Japanese and United States artists that are influenced by and connected to the Internet and digital culture. Ephemera from my residencies in Tokyo was also included.

Memory Burn, bitforms gallery, New York (Jul 10 – Aug 16, 2015)

Inspired by Argentinian author Adolfo Bioy Casares’ 1940 novel, The Invention of Morel, the exhibition Memory Burn explores concepts of presence, absence, immortality, and death in relation to contemporary recording devices.

Myth and Mutations, REVERSE, New York (Mar 17 – Apr 21, 2015)

An exhibition focusing on artists that investigate the power of symbols and narratives, the artists of this exhibition blend contemporary images with mythologies of the past.


And The Villagers Never Liked You Anyway, Knockdown Center, Queens, New York (Nov 7 – 30, 2014)

A site-specific installation with Desiree Leary in which participants were invited to excavate wearable pins from a plot of sand; a catalogue and field guide documenting the wearable pins accompanied the installation.


Addie Wagenknecht: Shellshock, bitforms gallery, New York (Nov 2  – Dec 7, 2014)

Addie Wagenknecht’s first solo exhibition in the United States focusing on themes of data and surveillance.


Brain Scratch, NURTUREart, New York (Oct 17 – Nov 21, 2014)

An exhibition exploring space, body, and mind in a reality increasingly influenced by virtuality.


+81 Beamer, +81 Gallery, New York (Aug 15, 2014)

A one-night event featuring eleven artist projections and performances.


Lisa Park and Melissa F. Clarke, Hyphen Hub, New York (May 7, 2014)

An evening of performances related to contact and the personification of water.


PostPictures, bitforms gallery, New York (Dec 19 – Jan 25, 2014)

A reimagining of Douglas Crimp’s 1977 exhibition Pictures. Featuring experimental animation, digital photography and video, and interactive sculpture the exhibition highlighted tension between reality, virtuality, and appropriated imagery.


Terrifying Noble Splendid, TEMP art space, New York (Oct 5 – Nov 2, 2013)

The spiritual, technological, and Immanuel Kant’s writing on the sublime served as the focus of this exhibition.


(in)complete, TEMP art space, New York (Feb 2 – 24, 2013)

An exhibition observing artistic process, focusing on participation and the concept of a “complete” artwork.



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Achievements, Honors, and Awards


MMCA Research Residency Program 2017, MMCA Seoul (Sep 2017)
Research Residency Program 2016
, Tokyo Wonder Site (Sep 2016)

Rhizome Sponsorship for the Internet Yami-Ichi in New York (Sep 2015)

New Hive Sponsorship for the Internet Yami-Ichi in New York (Sep 2015)

Gifpop Sponsorship for the Internet Yami-Ichi in New York (Sep 2015)

NY Art Beat Media Sponsorship for the Internet Yami-Ichi in New York (Sep 2015)

Eyebeam Media Sponsorship for the Internet Yami-Ichi in New York (Sep 2015)

Social Chair of New York University’s Museum Studies Student Organization (2011-2012)

Lectures, Presentations and Panel Discussions

Forever Fornever, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. October 2017.
Forever Fornever, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL. September 2017.
Tokyo Window Sessions, Independent Curators International, New York, NY. January 2016.

Panel, Digital Memory (Prosthetics), Reverse, New York, NY. June 2016.

Presentation, International Marketplace for Digital Art, Elektra 16, Montreal, Canada. May 2015.

Presentation, Artist talk: Addie Wagenknecht, FACETS, NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering New York, NY. May 2015.

Panelist, “Forever &4ever”, Union Docs, New York, NY. Apr 2015.

Presentation, “Internet Yami-Ichi!”, PechaKucha Brooklyn Vol. 3, Livestream Public Center, Brooklyn, New York. Feb 2015.

Lecturer, “Curating Time-Based Media Art”, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. Nov 2014.

Panelist, “Terms of Use,” Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY. Nov 2013.

Panelist, “The History of Games International Conference”, Grand Bibliothèque, Montréal, Canada. Jun 2013

Moderator, “Video Games as Art”, Rhode Island School of Design. May 2013

Presentation, “Philip Worthington’s Shadow Monsters.” Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY. Apr 2012

Presentation, “Long March Restart,” New York University’s Thesis Academic Challenge, New York, NY. Mar 2012



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