The following is a compilation of policies and rules, in addition to the By-Laws, that have been approved by the Executive Committee:

1. A member who arrives at a meeting or clinic after roll call has been completed will not receive credit for attendance at that meeting or clinic.

2. All ejections, regardless of the level or league, must be reported to the Assignor no later than 10 am of the day following the ejection.Failure to do so is an ethics violation.

3. The plate umpire must contact the other umpire or umpires prior to their game to confer about parking, shirt color, etc.

4. Umpires  must arrive at game site 30 minutes before the scheduled game time.

5. Umpires  must walk on and off the field together.

6. If you are assigned a doubleheader, you must either accept both games or decline both games. You cannot accept one of the games and decline the other game.