IF YOU CANNOT WORK YOUR SCHEDULED NIGHT CONTACT STEPHANIE GAYHEART (379-0323).  DO NOT GET YOUR OWN SUB UNLESS IT IS A LAST MINUTE EMERGENCY.  If both adult and youth cannot work, please try to switch nights with another adult and youth.

Each week there are 4 youth workers.  An adult will be present to supervise the kids and pay the bingo winners.  Youth workers must be in the 5th grade or at least 10 years old.

You should arrive by 7:15.  Each worker will receive $15 for cleanup after bingo and tickets for 2 free drinks.  You must stay and clean up to be paid.  

  • Duties:
  • Collect completed door prize raffle tickets from the players and place in the jar on the front table.
  • If bingo is called at the table/s you are working, have the player show you where the bingo is on the card then you will verify the bingo by calling out the card number to the bingo caller while another bingo player watches.  After verifying the bingo return the card to the player and remaining standing by them until their cash is brought.
  • If several bingos are called at one worker’s tables, help them out.
  • Clean tables of empty pitchers, trays, and garbage throughout the night.


 All workers are on break during intermission.

After bingo all workers will remain to empty the paper bags into garbage bags, fold them, and return them to the boxes on the stage.  Wash the tables then fold the chairs and place them on the tables. You will usually be finished between 10:30 and 11:00.

During bingo please remain seated (preferably between the front and back sections) and talk quietly.  DO NOT LEAVE THE GYM.  YOU MAY USE YOUR GAMING SYSTEM WHILE WORKING BUT IF IT BECOMES A PROBLEM IT MAY GET TAKEN AWAY UNTIL BINGO IS FINISHED.  Please show respect for the bingo players and adult workers.  Finish all food before bingo begins; you can eat during intermission, but not while bingo is being called.