This notice is to inform Chickaloon community members and visitors that Riversdale Alaska and their contractors and subcontractors will begin exploration work for the 2013 season.  We will continue the ongoing Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan inspections and maintenance as well as the environmental baseline studies that may include but are not limited to the following: wetland and vegetation surveys; surface water quality and hydrology monitoring; and, temperature and precipitation monitoring.

In addition, we will begin season-long non-invasive geologic surveys over the entire lease and surrounding areas on or around June 3, 2013.  Access will primarily be via foot traffic and small off-road vehicles over existing trails or helicopter support when overland access is not possible.  Helicopter use will be kept to a minimum.

Every effort will be made to avoid the community berry picking areas, especially during berry season.

All contractors and subcontractors have been instructed to refrain from fishing, berry picking or collecting any other material unrelated to the exploration efforts.

All field work will be conducted in accordance with permits obtained to support exploration of Riversdale’s Chickaloon Coal Lease area. The work proposed has been approved under the following permits:

Vehicles and equipment associated with this work will be moved in via Fish Lake Road to East Chickaloon Road and then to the lease area via Castle Mountain Mine Road as permitted under LAS 28627.  Light vehicles may at times use the Chickaloon River Road as authorized under permit.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact:

Michelle Johnson

Community Engagement

907-522-4664 (ofc)

907-244-2617 (cell)


Russell Dann

Riversdale Alaska President


Peter Murray

Riversdale Alaska Operations Manager


Riversdale Alaska LLC

Alaska Energy Building

4300 "B" Street, Suite 307

Anchorage. Alaska, 99503

Office: +1 907 677 9700