Student Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

As part of your learning experience at Lordswood Academies Trust you will use the school network, internet and other ICT systems and equipment to help you with your work. It is important that you adhere to the following rules to make sure you use these ICT resources safely and appropriately.

  1. At Lordswood Academies Trust, you are responsible for your own behaviour on the internet and when using ICT facilities, just as you are anywhere else in school. This includes materials and web sites you access, the language you use and using safe practices such as not telling anyone else your login password.

  1. When using the internet make sure you only go to suitable, educational sites. If you find any unsuitable sites you must report it immediately to your teacher.

  1. Be careful in the language you use, particularly in email communications. Only use the school email system for educational purposes such as emailing your teacher or sending work. You must only use your Lordswood Trust email account to communicate with staff and students. You must not use your personal email to communicate with teachers.

  1. You should not open any hyperlinks in emails or attachments to emails unless the source is known and trusted. If in doubt mark the email as “Spam” and delete it.

  1. In school the use of social networking sites is not permitted and any occurrence of cyber-bullying using these or other ICT methods such as texting will be dealt with under the school’s Behaviour and/or Anti-bullying Policy. You must use caution when posting information online including on social networking sites and blogs; you must not post material which could damage the reputation of yourself, other people or the school. Any abuse of this nature could lead to an exclusion and the involvement of outside agencies e.g. the police.

  1. You should never upload images of yourself or others onto Internet sites.
  2. You must not download files to the computer or network from the internet or elsewhere without permission (they may contain viruses or damage the school network). In addition any attempt to bypass school security could lead to an exclusion.

  1. You are not allowed to upload or download any materials that are illegal or inappropriate that may cause harm or distress to others. You are not allowed to download materials that are copyright protected including music and videos.

  1. It is important that personal information such as full names, telephone numbers and addresses (including email addresses) should not be given out and you must not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of an approved school project.

  1. Use of personal devices e.g. tablets in school is allowed if you have permission and you follow the same acceptable use rules that are covered in this policy.

  1. You must use Google Drive to store any files that need to be accessed out of school. You are not allowed to use UBS flash drive devices (they may contain viruses and damage the network) unless an exceptional circumstance arises and it has been agreed by the ICT technical team.

  1. Mobile phones are not allowed on the school premises except for sixth form students. When in the building sixth form students may only use their mobile phones in the common room. A breach of these rules will result in the phone being confiscated and collected by parents/carers.

  1. You must also follow the rules for responsible ICT and Media use which outlines the do’s and don’ts with regards to the use of IT and media equipment whilst in school. See Appendix 1 below.


I understand that I must use Lordswood Academies Trust ICT systems in a responsible way, to ensure there is no risk to my safety or to the safety and security of the ICT systems and other users.  

Due to the Academies E safety responsibilities, I understand that Lordswood Academies Trust operates a monitoring tool that can be used to monitor my activity whilst using ICT systems and the network.  

I understand that this Acceptable Use Policy applies not only to my work and use of Academy equipment in school, but also applies to my use of Academy ICT systems and equipment off the premises and my use of personal equipment on the premises.

I understand that if I fail to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy, I will be warned and subsequently may be have access to the ICT systems disabled. If there is more serious abuse then this could lead to an exclusion and the involvement of outside agencies e.g. the police.

I have read through the agreement and I agree to the above expectations.

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Appendix 1

Rules for Responsible ICT and Media Use

The school has installed computers and internet access to help your learning. The following rules are to keep everyone safe and help everyone to be fair to others. You must:



The school takes instances of cyberbullying and the posting of inappropriate text/images very seriously.

Policies mentioned above can be found on the school website.