Season 4 began in January, 2009 and lasted through April, 2009. 11 clans played 25 matches, slightly above the previous season but still a slightly low number due to school. {LSJ} ran the table in season 4 as they went 12-0 with 24 points; 12 more points than the second place clan. In the highlight match of the season, {LSJ} and {COS} faced off in a 3-2 come from behind victory in {LSJ}’s favor. {LSJ}Kratos would win his first MVP that season as {LSJ} became the first clan to repeat as season champs.

Season 4 featured the first grunt tournament. As usual, eight clans were featured in a single elimination bracket. {LSJ} again ran the table and took the tournament title with a 9-0 overall record. {LSJ}Maximus and {LSJ}LAK were named co-MVPs.

Season 5 ran from May, 2009 to August, 2009 and was the first season with a massive increase in the number of matches played. Thanks in no small part to the arrival of [IR] who helped to revolutionize the idea of playing matches as often as possible and the use of Skype instead of PS2 in-game chat for communication. Season 5 was also the first season to feature a post-season. New records for the number of participating clans (18) and matches played (88) were reached in the first of many extremely active seasons. This season marked the official beginning to the BFC Hall of Fame. Destroyer*, Parallel, Kratos, and {Delta} were all inducted as the class of 2009.

The top 6 clans, {DD}, =EL=, {LSJ}, [IR], -SoF-, and ~TDH~ made the playoffs with #1 {DD} and =EL= getting a bye as the top two seeds. {LSJ} advanced over –SoF- by forfeit and [IR] defeated ~TDH~ 3-0 to advance to the 2nd round. {DD} beat [IR] 3-1 to move on to the championship and {LSJ} was forced to 3v4 =EL= and lost 3-1 to set up a #1 vs #2 championship match. =EL= was no match for {DD} in the end and {DD} took the championship 3-1. {DD}Spud was named MVP.

Season 5’s tournament was the first 6v6 class specific tournament, the first BFC event that featured special classes. Again eight teams signed up for the tournament which ended in a one sided =EL= win over [IR]. =EL=Fallen_Blade was named MVP. This was the first season where the ladder champion did not also win the tournament.

Season 6 took place after a year hiatus due to declining activity during the school year made it so running a ladder would have been pointless. The season lasted from May to August, 2010 and featured 20 clans and 98 matches played; both new records. Season 6 would mark the beginning of a two year period where the BFC was dominated by the ever battling rival engineers [FEAR]Destroyer* and {LSJ}Kratos. [FEAR] and {LSJ} both dominated the regular season, combining for 36 wins and 1 loss.

[FEAR], {LSJ], [IR], {FoF}, {LOW}, and {MNC} made the playoffs with [FEAR] and {LSJ} getting a first round bye for being the #1 and #2 seeds respectively. {MNC} advanced to face [FEAR] due to an [IR] forfeit and {FoF} defeated {LOW} 3-0 to move on to round 2. Unexpectedly, both top seeds destroyed their opponents in round 2 and went on to set up an epic best-of-11 championship match. Due to school and issues with a rogue patch causing some players to be unable to log in to multiplayer the match took several months to complete and featured a multitude of players. At the end [FEAR] handily won 5-1 and [FEAR]Destroyer* took home his second MVP.

Season 6’s tournament was the second grunt tournament. Eight clans entered this single elimination tournament which saw [FEAR] take on {LOW} and their army of pre-BFC players in a final match that ended 3-1 in [FEAR]’s favor.

The BFC Hall of Fame class of 2010 was inducted at the beginning of Season 6. This class, respectfully dubbed the “Rocket Class” included Rockethoe, Shotdown, Iceman, Acid, and LAK.

All-BFC Teams for Seasons 4-6

First Team

Grunt – Shotdown

Rocket – IcemaN

Sniper – $$PIMP$$

Engineer – Destroyer*

Second Team

Grunt – Scarz

Rocket – LAK

Sniper – DarK

Engineer – Acid

Third Team

Grunt – Fallen_Blade

Rocket – Tmac

Sniper – Mr. Soni

Engineer – Kratos