Susie Ganzenmuller Observation Program

Participation Survey – Observed Officials


Please answer the following honestly.   You can email the responses or, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, mail them. Please return by.


1.              Did your Observer talk with you after your observation(s)? For how long?


2.              Do you feel your Observer(s) was/were positive and helpful? Why? Did they give constructive criticism that was meant to help you improve as an official?


3.              Did you receive your “observation report(s)” in a timely fashion?


4.              Were you able to understand the challenges noted?  Did you know what you needed to do to improve in those areas?


5.              Do you think the Observation program was beneficial to you as a newer official?


6.              Would you want to participate in a similar program if it was offered next year?


7.              Would you encourage new officials to participate in a program like this? Why or why not?


8.              Do you have any suggestions for improvement?



Thank you for responding to this survey.



Shana Alexander, Program Administrator