Education Campaign Statement of Intentions:

We seek to raise significant awareness on Pomona College campus of the current Pomona College admissions policy that allows for discrimination against individuals who have been incarcerated within the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC). We aim to destabilize Pomona College’s representation of itself by drawing attention to who is not addressed in statements put forth to produce and promote Pomona’s image. We have chosen the format of posters placed strategically across campus because we want to denaturalize the physical space of campus to provoke people who are a part of this institution to consider, if they have not already, what experiences and perspectives may not be as represented. By pairing these statements with quotations, followed by our own questions, we hope that those who read the posters will be led to question the structural underpinnings of their own path to Pomona. We include this resource page about the school to prison pipeline to address some of the underlying structures that either privilege or police certain individuals. We also include resources around ‘Ban the Box’ campaigns that address the ways in which the demand from formerly incarcerated people to disclose their criminal record works to enable discrimination as an extrajudicial form of punishment.

Resource on Campus: Prison Abolition Club


About: “We are a Claremont Colleges group aiming to create dialogue about the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) and engage with communities affected by the PIC.”

  • Meetings are on Mondays at 7pm at The Hive on Pomona campus behind Millikan

Resources on the School to Prison Pipeline:




Videos: The School-to-Prison Pipeline Explained


School to Prison Infographic”-ACLU

Fact Sheet: How Bad is the School-to-Prison Pipeline?” (article and infographic)-PBS

Minor Infractions” (infographic)- click the link to see full sized

Ban the Box Resources: