Rāhiri Tribal Links - SYNONYM MATCH

Match the words from the article on the left with their synonyms on the right.

First Part of Article

  1. Descendant                                                travel
  2. Journey                                                        district
  3. Traditions                                                customs
  4. Dominate                                                old
  5. Ancient                                                        offspring
  6. Region                                                        pressure

Second Part of Article (expansion paragraph)

  1. Expand                                                        fuse
  2. Ancestors                                                favourable
  3. merged                                                        tupuna
  4. Successful                                                region
  5. Campaign                                                broaden
  6. district                                                                   

PHRASE MATCH: Match the following phrases from the article

Rāhiri travelled from Whiria in the Hokianga

Ngai Tūpoto

The Bay of Plenty Mataatua tribes say Rāhiri

lived at Te Kaputerangi

The descendants of Māhia, Tūpoto’s brother

 to Auckland, Te Aroha, Whakatāne, the East Coast

The eastern tribes were the first

Whangarei, and Kaipara

Rāhiri married Āhuaiti and Whakaruru of Ngāpuhi

was named after him

The peak Maunga Rāhiri

led sub-tribes which came to dominate the Hokianga Harbour region

During the late 1700’s

expanded eastward from Kaikohe and Pouērua


Tūpoto’s sons Korokoro, Kairewa, Miruiti, Tuiti and Tūteautu

he then married Moetanga,

The Hokianga tribes first consolidated under the tribal name

and early 1800s in Ngāpuhi tribes pushed east towards Kawakawa

Ngāpuhi also expanded southward toward

To begin using the tribal name Ngāpuhi