Mach 30 March 2015 Reports Hangout


  1. List any reportable project updates or news discussions under their respective category/bus in the “Reports by bus” section; note, do not fill in details, just list the topics; for report topics, be sure to include a responsible party
  2. Chose 2-4 to discuss during the hangout and put them in discussion order under “Hangout Discussion Topics” section
  3. Hold the Reports Hangout in a conversational tone covering the topics listed in step 2
  4. After the hangout (and before the board meeting), responsible parties should fill in the reports section for their topic(s) based on material discussed during the hangout
  5. <in development> Publish blog post about the hangout, including embedded video and link to the actual reports document

Hangout Discussion Topics:

  1. Building Open Source Hardware published (with content from J. Simmons)
  2. New CAD Query Release (with contributions from Jeremy Wright)
  3. Aaron’s EAR work
  4. Marketing work (if Greg is present)

Reports by bus: